I have some great news — well, at least it’s great to me 🙂


For once, I listened to BB and the doctors, took my meds and did everything I was told to do and… I’M BACK TO GOOD AGAIN!  So, even though this is a holiday, and BB is off, I am going to spend a little time in the shop so I can be ready to hit the ground running — hard — first thing tomorrow morning.  The goal is to get all 6 outstanding orders shipped by Thursday, then hammer on the F3 Late Famo conversion until it is completed.  Once I get that done, we’ll see where we go from there.


That’s it, folks.  Have a safe Memorial Day and — please — remember the reason for this day.  It is not for thanking those of us who served and came home waving the flag, but to remember and honor those who came home under the flag.


3 responses to “2017.5.29 UPDATE: GREAT NEWS! I’M BACK TO NORMAL AGAIN!!!

  1. It’s amazing what listening to the pro, who happens to love you, can do . Glad you are better, take it slow and steady. The good things will come and that’s starting with your getting better.

  2. Joe, I was just about to write an email and ask about your health, but I see you are good to go! I look forward to seeing about the late Famo stuff, I am still not to those kits yet but look forward to adding your stuff I have already bought and some new not yet born!
    Prayers work, I see. One good theologian I knew well said that doctors and medicine are indeed miracles, common grace that God gives to all of his creation! Special Miracles, I have two that I would care to share but by email. One is about a man run over by his boat prop in the water and the other is about a young woman who was hit as a pedestrian by a car doing at least 55, breaking neck, legs, arms, ribs, plus brain injury and lots of other internals. It helps sometimes to go to the critical care waiting for a friend and listen to the other sad, hurting people waiting to find out about loved ones!

  3. Creighton Rose

    Glad ya feel better, I can commiserate with the bad back experience-(4 broken vertebrae@lumbar/lifelong back pain)

    You have an excellent product range for sure!

    Keep up the GREAT work…

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