2017.8.18 UPDATE: WE’RE BA-ACK!


This was another tough week, filled with a lot of progress and several nasty set-backs.  However, I can finally say — and in my best ID4 impersonation — we’re ba-ack!


As of this moment, THE SHOP IS CAPABLE OF OPERATING AT 90% EFFICIENCY!  So, if you’ve been waiting to order, wait no longer.  Order away!  I’m ready for you (plus, the bank account needs your money O:-)  ).


OK, first, I started shipping the outstanding orders.  No, I didn’t get nearly as many shipped as I had hoped (more on that in a moment), but I did manage to ship close to 10% of them.

Second, I managed to get the benches finished as well as both the casting and packing/shipping areas set up.  I also started to get the wire shelving up on the walls.

Finally, I still have to organize the new holding benches and get the mold bench up and running, but they won’t take too long.  It is enough that I now have dedicated areas where I can unpack and spread out the sorting cups so I can find the ready parts to help me fill your orders.


Now for the problems I encountered.  The primary set-back this week was my back.  I threw it out Monday afternoon.  Fortunately, BB bought me a very good back brace that apparently healed me (I suspect I may have a disc issue and the back brace pushed things back in place).

Next, my air compressor is starting to go out.  Combine that with the general disarray of the shop early this week and it was hard to fill more than a couple orders a day (sorry — I tried).

The last problem is just a combination of being too old and out of shape and the cumulative result of pushing myself too hard for too long.  Everything on me aches.  If I sit still for a few minutes, it is a real effort to get going again.


So, the plan for this weekend is to rest and try to recuperate a bit.  Then, starting Monday morning, I will hammer away at your orders — hard!  I can fill about $300-500 retail/day now, so it shouldn’t take too terribly long to catch up on the old orders.  I should even be able to get some work done on putting away the rest of the equipment.

Additionally, “Just” Dave is planning to come down and help me get my master benches put together.  So, Lord willing, I should be at 100% by this time next week.  If it happens, then I’ll tell you about the new stuff Karl has been working on while we moved.  No hints, but I will say this — you Allied fans are going to be dropping a LOT of coin with us real soon 😉


OK, that’s it.  Things are finally back to normal.  So, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


2 responses to “2017.8.18 UPDATE: WE’RE BA-ACK!

  1. All terrific news. Next week is greatly anticipated .

  2. Glad to know it, Joe! But sorry about the back. Get that tended to before you are forced to get an honorable medical discharge!

    Looking forward to Famo updates.

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