I waited before posting this one — so I could give you the latest information about us before we probably go dark from power outages.  So, here we go — HURRICANE IRMA!


As of right now, 1405 CST on Sept 10, this is the projected path of hurricane Irma.  TMD’s new location is marked by the red star at the end of the arrow.

irma path

We live on some of the highest ground in the State of Florida (140 ft above sea level), and our property is dry.  It is primarily made of clay and slopes south, emptying into a sandy area next to us.  Five minutes after a heavy storm, the only two puddles on our entire property are on the clay patches in our driveway.  So I do not anticipate any flooding for us.

The house is of sound construction.  My middle brother is an architect and he checked it out the week after we moved in to the new property.  He was impressed and said it is as solid as this type of construction gets.  However, there are some small issues on the roof that I was unable to address.  I do not have a ladder tall enough to get up there to check them out.  There is a small chance we could lose some shingles, but only if the winds get above 80-85 mph.

The best news is, we live about 50 miles inland.  This means the winds from this storm will be drastically reduced from what they would have been if we still lived in the old house.  In fact, we might have had to leave the old place as we were only a few hundred from the bay and only eight feet above sea level.

The biggest risk we face is power outages.  I fully expect this to happen by tomorrow night, with no idea as to how long it will take to restore service.  Luckily, we have the cell phones, and I have battery back-ups that can keep them charged for about 2 weeks.  So I will keep you posted.


Now, to business.  I managed to ship all but a handful of my outstanding orders.  If your order has not shipped, it is waiting on new molds — period!  Unfortunately, I put those off to start getting the property ready for the storm.  On the up-side, I expect to have them poured before the storm arrives tomorrow morning/afternoon.  If I can make that happen, then your order will ship as soon as I have power.


Guys, I know I have not released anything new in a while, but Karl and I are working to correct that.  We might even have something coming from ‘Just’ Dave.  However, if there is anything you need or could use from us now, please order.  Yes, I might be a little slow due to the storm, but I am up and running and — frankly — TMD needs the sales.  We’ve spent way too much for far too long and now we need to make some money so we can pay the bills.  If you have a friend who has never used our stuff, our hasn’t used it in a while, or you see someone asking about something we make, do us a favor and ask them to give us a try — please 🙂


OK, that’s about it for now.  I’ll be posting updates on Face Book, so watch us there.  Until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).

One more thing: IF you are of the mind, please keep the people of Southern Florida and the victims of hurricane Harvey in your prayers.  They will be needing them for a long time to come 🙁



One response to “2017.9.10 UPDATE: HURRICANE IRMA!

  1. Hey Joe, you know, now that you are living 150 feet above sea level you have complained about back problems, etc. I think it is the high altitude! Whew, takes some time Joe, that oxygen is thinner way up there.

    Seriously, I do hope you don’t lose anything but power, you might want to think about a generator for next hurricane. I am a good 200 miles north of the gulf but Katrina was still a category 1 hurricane when it went thru here and we had no electricity for 2 weeks and gasoline was hard to come by. So it can still be bad being on high ground and away from the sea.

    Hope you do well.

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