I should have posted this a couple days ago.  If I had, I might have saved many of you some concern by letting you know how we came through the storm.  Well, they say late is better than never, so, here we go.


We got through the storm just fine.  It stayed East of us, which put us on the weak side of the storm.  We also had the benefit of a cold front that was pushing through our area at the same time the storm hit.  This dumped a lot of dry air into the West side of the storm, and that further weakened the effects for us.  The net result was that we got a lot of 25-40 mph gusts and hours of driving drizzle type rain, but not much of anything else.  I just wish I could say the same for those South of us.  They got hit — HARD!  And our thoughts and prayers are going out to all those who did not fair as well as we did.


As I said last week, we are open for business.  I have been casting and shipping orders.  I even started pouring new molds.  However, this goes slower than I wish it would.  The main problem with pouring new molds is finding where the production blanks got put after the move.  It was difficult in the old shop, but this one is twice the size but — amazingly — still seems just as crowded!?  But not to worry, I’ll push through and get everyone who is still waiting shipped by the end of next week.


Karl has sent some new masters, but I am holding them until he finishes something special.  He is working on a piece that will go with the masters he already sent us.  As soon as he finishes this special project, you Allied fans are going to need to hide the credit card statement from your wives 😉

As for me?  I am working on the new Takom Grant and Lee.  If all goes well, we’ll have a bunch of stuff for these kits in time for Sept. 29th.  That will be when we return to releasing new products.


Other than that, things are starting to settle into a normal rhythm around here.  BB and I are happy, the shop rats (our dogs) are thrilled, too.  The shop is running smoothly (finally) and orders are starting to come in again.  All-in-all, I think I can officially say our move is over.  So, until next time, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).






2 responses to “2017.9.15 UPDATE: WE SURVIVED!

  1. Glad you all fared well. Mother Nature is a bitch and she doesn’t play fair. I hope all affected by Irma the nasty and Horrible Harvey recover quickly .
    Looking forward to the new goodies . Take your time, roll them out out as health permits .

  2. I am wondering what is going on with you since the hurricane, are you okay? Please give us an update, it’s time!
    Wishing you well, if you want prayer for anything, let me know.
    Your friend, Cliff

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