2017.9.29 NEW RELEASES: U.S. .50 cal MG HEAVEN

OK, I want to start by apologizing for the poor pictures. My photo booth crapped out on me, and I’ve never been a good photographer in the first place, so that did not help.  On top of that, I now have to suffer with DSL’s slow upload speeds.  So I used some of Karl’s pictures to show what we’ve got for you.  I can assure you, if you like what you see here, you will LOVE what you get in the mail (these pictures do NOT do justice to Karl’s work).

I will have proper pictures posted and cross-product suggestions added to these listings by the end of next week.  I will also use Karl’s pictures to post instruction sheets for everything that could use one.  So, with that said, here are our new goodies — and we’re even on time this month!  🙂

35-1333 U.S. M1 Steel Helmet w/Liner

35-1334 U.S. WW II Tanker’s Helmet w/Goggles and Intercom Gear

35-1335 U.S. WW II M2 .50 cal MG

35-1336 Early WW II .50 cal Cradle and Ammo Cans (Type 1)

35-1337 Early WW II .50 cal Cradle and Ammo Cans (Type 1)

35-1338 Early WW II .50 cal Cradle and Ammo Cans (Type 2)

35-1339 Early WW II .50 Cal Rail Mount (Type 1)

35-1345 WW II .50 cal Ammunition Cans (Set of 12)

35-1346 WW II .50 cal ‘Tomb Stone’ Cans, w/Mounting Gear (set of 4)

35-1347 WW II .50 cal ‘Tomb Stone’ Ammunition Can, Open, w/Mounting Gear


I did not have time to finish pushing out the rest of Karl’s .50 cal masters.  We have a mid mount and ammunition tray, a late mount and ammunition tray and a quad .50 cal super detail set coming.  We might even have a few more items for you from this last batch of masters.

Plus, I had to push off the first of our new masters for the Takom Lee/Grant kits.  I have made a rear hull plate correction, and it is designed to work with the TMD riveted idlers with separate swing arms.  I opened the bow MG holes on the front plate, and I am making new transmission covers for early and mid vehicles.  I’ll post teasers on Face Book sometime this weekend.

So, because we couldn’t get everything out we wanted to do in time for today’s deadline, I will have a special mid-October release for these additional items.  Watch for them on October 13th.

7 responses to “2017.9.29 NEW RELEASES: U.S. .50 cal MG HEAVEN

  1. Cliff Leverette

    Well Joe, thanks for the update and as you see, I’ve made a few purchases! Can’t wait until the mid October surprise! Please tell Karl that I am very impressed with his work. I also took a look around the website and I’m impressed with the ease of finding what I was looking for. All is good, Joe!
    Can’t wait till you are going back to Ft. Benning, I want to tag along. Also, you need to make as much use of that nice front porch on your new house, especially at night so you and BB can just sit back and listen to God’s night birds. (I have a front porch, its my favorite “room” of the house. I love to listen to the owls calling to each other as they fly around at night and to some of the other birds that make calls that you will NEVER hear in the day in the city. I think God made the birds first so he could enjoy their songs!
    Benning, OKAY? I can go any day now that I am retired.

    • Thanks, Cliff — will do on all. I’ll get back to you on Benning, but am hoping to go soon. I’ll send a private email as soon as I know when I’m going.

  2. Herve Charbonneau

    Hey Joe!

    Great looking stuff there. Guees I’m gonna have to get myself some.

    Don’t know if you ever got my last e-mail, but you must really convince Karl to make a correct MG mount for Tamiya’s M10 tank destroyer.


  3. Karl Van Sweden

    Working on it Herve though I am laid up after they extended my back fusion on the 17th.

  4. Herve Charbonneau

    Excellent news Karl!
    No rush here. Just glad to know it’s in the plans… 😉

  5. Jeez Karl, I do NOT envy you the back surgery . Take your time and recover.
    The Helmets are truly works of art as well. The Tanker’s helmet is a gem.
    In my wish world, I’d love to see a VN CVC helmet get the same treatment. For now though, I’m VERY pleased with these releases! I can vouch for them as I sit and look at them.
    Karl, take it slow and easy. Joe, go at your pace, it gets there when it gets there.

  6. Karl Van Sweden

    Thanks Dave, and for the kind words. All of these were things I had always wanted to do and was finally able to figure out how.:-)
    God has really been with me through out all this. This is my second fusion and all went and is going great. I am way ahead of schedule in the recovery process thanks to the old fusion holding up so well.
    I will look into the other helmet as well as some others after I finish up some long awaited interior parts and other hulls.

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