2017.9.29 UPDATE: WE NEED TO TALK :-(

Hi Folks,

A friend of mine chastised me for not posting regular updates, and he was right to do so (thanks, Cliff).  I apologize to all of you for falling down on the job.  That said, we need to have a talk about what’s been going on with me.

However, before I blabber about myself, please allow me to try to take care of business first.


I had to set most my orders aside this week while I finished putting up all the storage bins.  These hold my ready parts.  There are hundreds of them, and until this week, they had just been stacked everywhere I could find a place for them.  Needless to say, that makes it very difficult to fill orders in a timely manner.  Instead of just grabbing the parts trays and packing your item,s, I’ve had to cast everything to order and that is not an easy chore.  But the trays are up and I can find everything now, so next week should see most old orders getting shipped.

A13 decks and fenders.  If you are waiting for an A13 engine deck and/or fender set, please hold on just a little longer.  I found the master for the replacement product, but it needs a little repair and prep.  I will post pictures of it on the TMD Face Book page this weekend.  I will get the mold poured next week, but I have to get the new releases out first.  I apologize for the delay.


The first of Karl’s new masters will be released this weekend.  I have the molds poured for the first batch, and hope to have one more mold ready tonight.  I will post them later today.  In some cases, I will use Karl’s pictures of the masters, but I promise, if you have ever wanted a super detailed .50 cal and mounts/ammo trays, we are about to make your day!  Watch for a separate release post with additional information.


I hate the personal side of Face Book.  However, I plan to start using it for the company.  If you do not follow TMD on Face Book, you may miss out on some of the stuff I plan to start posting.  So, please, consider following TMD’s Face Book page.  If for no other reason, it will help you keep up with things around here.


First, I am fine health wise.  Other than some trouble with my knees (which is probably my youth catching up with my aging body), my health is good.  I’m even loosing weight again.

I’m not depressed, either.  I know people who struggle with depression, and I would not slight their real struggles by suggesting I suffer from anything anywhere near the same as they do.

I guess I’ve just been in a bit of a funk.  BB calls it being “out of sorts.”  I’m not sure this will make sense, but it might.  I’ve just been struggling with this overwhelming sense of unease.  It’s like something is very wrong in the world but I just can’t quite put my finger on what it is.  It’s left me feeling a bit ‘stuck in the mud.’  On top of that, I know I am getting behind in taking care of you guys and I’ve been getting onto myself (which is probably the biggest part of my problem right now).  Still, I am happy, and I feel fine physically, I just have to push myself to work — and if you have ever been your own boss, you know how difficult that can be.  But there is an up-side.  I do feel like I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and I’ve been getting back to my old self.  I’m not there yet, but I get a little more ‘normal’ every day.  So, for those who have been worried about me, please don’t.  We came through the storm just fine, and I am starting to get to a point where I feel normal and excited about running TMD again.  In a week or two, I hope it will be like nothing ever happened.


Well, that’s about it for now.  I’ll post the new releases as soon as I have some pictures.  I’ll also make a bit of a surprise announcement in the new releases post, so be watching for it.  Until then, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


3 responses to “2017.9.29 UPDATE: WE NEED TO TALK :-(

  1. Joe, thanks for the update, I was a bit afraid that the hurricane had something to do with the lack of updates. I for one am going to watch for the new stuff this weekend!

    Remember what I said about knees. Ive had both of mine replaced and they surpass the “youth” of thinking I am 18 in a 62 year old body. Until I had them replaced, I had not been able to run since 1990 and now I can do that again. My border collie who likes to race me (she wins every time) was totally surprised when instead of limping fast, I ran and kept up with her for a time! Only problem I see with you is the down time for the business because it does take some rehab and lots of pain. Not pain as in bone pain or the old pain that you are probably having, but surgery pain which is of course, not the same pain as pain in the knees. But I heartily recommend the replacements because that WILL give you a new lease on life and maybe cure some other pains that are caused by bad knees. You might not even associate the other pains with knees and limping even slightly, but after surgery, when those fail to come back you will smile and say ‘Thank you, Papa!” to our Lord for surgery, His common grace!

    If you look at knee replacement on the web, you will see it ain’t our daddy’s knee replacement, it is far less invasive and there are bits that, when worn out, can be replaced instead of having to have the entire knee replaced again. And the scar? BeBe will love the scars! “What a man,” she will say when you go to the beach in your new Bermuda Shorts! Seriously don’t wait until you can’t stand it and are thinking, “I would cry if it would help!” Find a orthopedic surgeon who specializes in that one thing and forget bedside manner, look for one who does it over and over again, who knows the drill and doesn’t get sued much! Look for a sports medicine clinic with a good reputation. And perhaps you might be able to train someone to pour moulds, etc, while you can’t. After a few days you can go to the “Armory” to oversee things. Best of prayers for this, Brother Joe. Count on my word as good regarding the surgery. You know who my BOSS is.

  2. You have to get your front stabilized before you can move forward . You’re doing that . You are still getting pre move orders processed and in good time. You are getting new orders shipped as well.
    I think you will find once everything is comfortable, you will be operating much more quickly and your efficiency will meet your standards which are pretty high .
    No apologies needed. Sure we missed the updates but in my mind, getting settled and then getting production online was a higher priority .

    Thrilled to see the .50 cal stuff coming out. I hear an order in your future ..

  3. I agree with Cliff though my knees still need replacing my back has to come first. for those other who read this I am scheduled for my back fusion to be extended up 2-3 vertebrae Oct. 17th. I will be down for at least a month so nothing from me for some time to come. Joe knows this and Joe is working very hard to get what I have ready for you guys. Keep at it Joe. A side is try to find a good Tai Chi teacher, it has helped me with my knees tremendously and may help until anything more drastic is needed. I have been bone on bone for over twenty years now and though am having more trouble every year it has helped. God bless you all.

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