10.27.2017 NEW RELEASES: MORE .50 cal GOODNESS


As promised, here are the new releases.  I will post pictures of the actual castings by the end of the weekend.  I had hoped to do it now, but I had some trouble with one of the first molds and need to pour a new one.  Still, these are pictures of the masters and they show you what you will get in the mail, only your items will be in typical TMD grey resin.  Hope you like Karl’s latest master pieces.


Due to an issue with another product, these items will not start shipping until Nov 1.

35-1339 Early WW II .50 Cal Rail Mount (Early)

35-1340 Early WW II .50 cal Rail Mount (Late)

35-1341 WW II .50 Cal Cradle (Mid)

35-1342 WW II .50 cal Cradle (Late)

35-1343 WW II .50 Cal Ammunition Tray (Mid)

35-1344 WW II .50 cal Ammunition Tray (Late)

35-1352 WW II Quad .50 cal Super Detail Set

4 responses to “10.27.2017 NEW RELEASES: MORE .50 cal GOODNESS

  1. The 50 cal items released earlier are fantastically detailed! Very nice, for sure. Watch out, K59!

  2. I really like these, !! I’m especially interested in 35-1342 WW II .50 cal Cradle (Late) but it is not clear to me what is included? It says “Ammo tray not included”, is this the tray with the holes in the bottom that is attached to the cradle in some of the pictures for this set? If that is the case will the ammo tray be made available later because that is what I need for a post-war M4.

    • Marwin,

      Hang in there. I’m working to get pictures of ALL the new .50 cal items posted showing the contents and the build ups. I “might” also offer some limited combination sets, to help you guys save a bit of money.


  3. Can’t wait for the Quad .50 set. Well, I can but barely. 😉

    I can vouch for the M2HB and the open M2 ammo can, really gorgeous.

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