As promised, here are the special mid-month releases for the TAKOM M3 Lee/Grant kits.


My photo booth died.  I am ordering a new one this weekend.  As a result, I was not able to post the usual pictures for these new items.  I hope the pictures I took of the masters will work until the new photo booth arrives and I can take proper photographs.  But rest assured: the molds will be ready for production on Monday 🙂

Also, I pushed the rest of Karl’s .50 cal items off until the next release in 2 weeks (sorry).

35-1348 M3 Lee/Grant Corrected Rear Hull Plate(w/Pepper Pots) (TAK)

35-1349 M3 Lee/Grant Initial Transmission Housing (w/mold line) (TAK)

35-1350 M3 Lee/Grant Bow Plate w/Open MG holes & Barrels (TAK)

35-1351 M3 Lee/Grant Final Drive Housings (TAK)


I had planned to make a full back-date set so you can build a training Lee and depict a Grant as it would have been initially delivered to the desert.  I had also thought about doing an update set so you can show your Lee/Grant as it would have looked after the various field mods had been made (i.e. fish tail exhausts, air cleaners, etc).  Would you be interested in any of this, or are you guys happy with things as they stand now?

You can answer here, on our Face Book page or email me directly.  But I really would like your input, so, please, if you are interested, let me know.

9 responses to “2017.10.13 UPDATE: SPECIAL MID-MONTH RELEASES

  1. Christopher C Tew

    Joe, I would not be interested in a training Lee, but I would like to build an initial desert Grant. I don’t know enough about the M3s to know what other mods fit with which vehicles where, so you’ll need to supply more info there. Maybe any updates appropriate for a North Africa US Lee and one of the Commonwealth Pacific Grant/Lee versions would be what I’d like to have.

    • Christopher,

      The first Grants delivered to the Brits in the desert would have used the bow plate with open MG holes and could have had the transmission housing I just released. At the very least, they would NOT have the recessed bolt holes — not at that point. It is up to you to decide whether or not you also want to add our corrected rear hull plate. The final drives would only be if you were REALLY trying to add a lot of extra details.

      Hope this helps.

      I’ll look at the other, later Grant features, especially since I do not believe TAKOM is going to make another Grant 😉


  2. Joe, when I do a Lee, I would do one from Burma . Biggest thing is a Grant style commander’s hatch . Looks like from photos almost every door/no door configuration is possible.
    I think Takom will give us an idea where they are going once the M-31 is released . That may help your decisions on this series as well.

  3. Gerald Benneworth

    I usually build Axis armour but have been tempted into building the Takom Grant as a group build in our club. Unfortunately I’m unable to find any credible information about the kit so I have no idea which production model it is e.g. Early, mid etc, and equally I can’t find out if the kit is accurate for use by the British army in the desert. All of which means I cannot comment upon whether or not I’d buy any updates for it!
    Best wishes, Gerald

    • Gerald,

      Understand, and thank you. For what it’s worth, you CAN’T build a Grant from the kit — not as used by the Brits, anyway. The best you can do is build a Grant as it was delivered to the British.

      This is why I WILL be making a small ‘update’ set — at least for the Grant. It will let you build the Grant as the Brits used it in the war. (It will also help you build a ‘mid, or upgraded Lee).

      Watch for it in 2 weeks. I’ll be putting the Grant update out on Oct 27.


  4. Cliff Leverette

    Hey Joe, will you send me an email that I can reply to you privately? Gotta straighten out an address. Your stuff is going to the wrong address.
    Other than that, all is okay, Brother!

  5. Florencio Lomague

    Would buy any parts for the M3 Lee tanks used by the US in Africa !!

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