Hi Folks,

So, I started this past week with every intention of getting all my old orders shipped and some serious work done on next week’s releases.  Then reality showed up and burst my happy little balloon.


As most of you know, we live a little farther out of town now.  Well, this means it is not so easy to run into town to get something I didn’t realize I was going to need.  Long-story-short, I had to do that three times this week, and it was all related to trying to ship orders.  Net result?  I managed to ship some of them, but not all.  The only thing I can tell you is that your orders are weighing heavy on my mind and I am doing everything I can to get them shipped, ASAP!


I had a bad week on this front, as well.  Nothing involving the masters, themselves.  I just had something come up that soured my enthusiasm for the new Takom Lee/Grant kits.  I will get the rear hull correction, the bow plate with MG barrels, final drives and early transmission housing released.  I’ll also get Karl’s mid and late .50 cal mounts and ammunition boxes/trays released.  However, I don’t know if I’ll do any of the other items I had planned to make for the Lee/Grant kits.  We’ll just have to see if I can get over my huff.


I have given some of you the wrong idea about my health.  It mostly concerns my knees.  I do not need surgery or knee replacements.  My issues are soft tissue related.  They just swell up and get VERY sore anytime I do any type of real work, or when I stand on my feet for too long.  However, after a day or two of rest, they are back to normal — until the  next time I over do things.

Ans as for that ‘funk’ I’ve been in the past few weeks?  Well, it’s been a little slow-going, but I seem to be getting over whatever it was.  I’ve been in a good mood this week, even with all the work and curve balls Murphy threw at me.  SO things appear good on this front.


There’s one last thing that has been slowing me down on the TMD front.  I made a few promises to BB regarding the new house.  We are having a party for our Sunday school class next Saturday, and I told her I’d have things ready for them by then.  This was planned the month we moved in and, as many of us guys usually do, I let things slide a bit longer than I should have.  Well, I am not going to let BB down, so I started on my chores list this week.  I work mostly in the afternoons, after I attend to my TMD business.  But it does slow things down in the shop — especially since it takes a bit more out of me than the shop does.  Still, I realized something while I was finishing the painting this week.  I managed to get BB to let me paint the inside of our home like a DO-17Z in the Baltic Campaign.  The bedrooms are a dark olive green (RLM 70), the common rooms are a lighter olive green (RLM 71) and the bathrooms are a light shade of yellow (RLM 04).  Heck, the reverse sides of the guest room blankets are even a light shade of grey (RLM02).  AND BB THINKS IT ALL LOOKS GREAT!  I wonder: how many of you guys have managed to pull off something like that in your own home?  🙂


OK, new releases next weekend.  Watch for them.  Until then, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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  1. Sorry to hear about the M3 issues.
    As for The rest,take care of B.B. and you. The rest will follow.

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