The sale went well.  In fact, it was one of my best ever.  Thank you! It never ceases to amaze me that you find such value in what I do.  Still, I’m just grateful that I can serve you, and that you find my service worth your hard earned money.  I am truly humbled and grateful.


Sunday, I woke with a massive upper respiratory infection.  If you had asked me when I woke up, I wouldn’t have given you a wooden nickle for my chances of survival.  But BB took me to the clinic where — thank the Lord — I was cared for by a former Air Force nurse and Army medic.  That is important for me as they understand the nature of my respiratory condition.  The Dr. took the best care of me that anyone has since I developed my condition, and BB is making sure I take my meds faithfully.

Unfortunately, the URI caused a head cold/sinus infection.  And between the two of them, I threw out my back again.  I never knew it was possible to sneeze and cough at the same time, or to do so as violently as I have been.  I have blacked out several times from the coughing and sneezing spasms.  And then, the meds stopped the plumbing again.  When I heard BB tell me I was AFU, I knew I was in trouble.  Still, I managed to ship out 8 orders yesterday.

This morning, I was feeling a bit better.  I started the day with 70-something orders and managed to ship 11.  I’ll be honest: I am handling the easiest orders first this time.  Not only is it about the best I can do at the moment, it is good for my moral.  It makes me feel like I am trying to give you guys my best effort until I get better.

I do not want to sound like I am complaining.  It’s just that I have always been honest with you, and that’s not about to change now.  I have the resin poured to ship another 11 orders tomorrow.  After that, the easy stuff will be done and I’ll just start shipping the orders in the order they were placed.  BB and I go on vacation Dec 10, and I darn well plan to be able to relax while I’m gone.  That means I cannot have a single sale order hanging over my head so, as long as I can breath and stand, I will work to ship the last of the sale orders no later than Dec 8.  Please, I beg you, be patient with me.  I am honestly hurting right now, but I am working.  I owe it to each and every one of you and I know it.

Until later, stay safe and enjoy the holiday season.



5 responses to “2017.11.28 UPDATE: ONCE AGAIN, YOU HUMBLE ME :-)

  1. Sorry to hear that you are so run down and worn out feeling Joe; you are in my prayers for a speedy recovery and restful vacation.

  2. Cliff Leverette

    Joe, I am hoping you get healthy again soon, you will go on my prayer list. You’ve been having a time of it lately.

    I received your package in my new mailing address, thanks for clearing everything and starting over. It worked! The pieces are really well done, very nice! Hope to see some FAMO stuff soon, but only after you are WELL! Take care and may our Lord bless you richly. You are one of the few who takes the Christian faith so seriously. It is beautiful!

    Cliff, your brother along with Jesus. Carpentry is kind of like modeling, isn’t it. The Lord knows how much it means to us to create.

  3. Just received my order from you (first ever order) and the stuff looks great! I’m grateful for your high quality work, talented design, and service. best of luck with your health!

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