2017.12.1 NEW RELEASES

I pushed this out specifically because several of you requested them. At the moment, I am still getting over a nasty chest infection and struggling to ship the remaining sale orders.  I hope you’ll forgive the haphazard listing.  I’ll fix it as soon as I feel a bit better and have a few spare minutes.  Until then, this will allow a couple of guys who are currently working a build that needs these pieces to order them now.

35-1353 U.S. Small ‘Jeep’ Hood Latches

2 responses to “2017.12.1 NEW RELEASES

  1. Nothing to forgive. As nasty as that URI is ,it’s amazing you got this out . And, of course, had to order some . M151s need love too ;-).

    Anyway, take care of yourself ,keep on the mend and look forward to your time away .

  2. Cliff Leverette

    I’m with Dave, Joe! What he said, but I will say that the M151s is not on my agenda so leave that part out. Not disagreeing with Dave but I never would have thought about M151s if not for his comment. Dave, any friend of Joe’s is a friend of mine, so it is definitely okay with me for you to need to love some M151s.

    Meanwhile, there is the ghost of a Churchill interior that needs some love, too, but not right now, Joe. Get well, that is most important to me. Take care, Cliff

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