Hi Folks,

BB and I are home now, and we had a GREAT time!  I didn’t realize just how much I needed a break.  Now that I’m back, I’m actually looking forward to clearing the remaining business left over from the sale, then continuing my holiday.  But first, I have to do some things I promised you.


For those who might be interested, BB and I spent 4 days at Disney with our youngest son, who is attending college in Jacksonville, Florida.  We had one of our best trips to the Mouse’s House.  It was not only filled with good times, but also relaxing, which, if you’ve ever been to Disney, is saying something.  It could be I’m just getting so old I am slowing down and/or losing interest in rides, but it doesn’t matter.  I enjoyed myself and my time with my wife.  It definitely recharged the batteries.


OK, first order of business.  I am going to post 20 of each of the M8 HMC, Sd.Kfz. 9/1 and early Bergepanther Conversions.  If you have been wanting one of these kits, buy it now!  Do not wait!  I am tired of making these kits — especially of replacing the molds.  So, when this new set of molds is worn out, these kits will go out of production.  They may never come back.  I won’t say never, and I’ll keep all the masters and production blanks, but it could be a long, long time before I make new molds.  So, you have been warned.  Act accordingly.


I am working on some new masters for the TAKOM M3 and M31 kits.  If all goes well, I’ll release them on Dec 29.  However, that is subject to change.  If I have too much fun over the holidays, these new items may not be released until Jan 5.


I will spend the rest of the day today handling the few customer service issues that came in while I was on vacation and getting the molds replaced that I will need to finish the sales orders.  After that, I’m taking the rest of the weekend off.


As I said in my last update, I am going on a working vacation for the rest of the year.  Once I have the last of the sale orders shipped, I may not get back in the shop until Jan 4 or 5.  You can place orders and send emails, but the orders will not be shipped until I return and I will definitely be slower in answering your email.  I hope you will understand: I am going to spend the next few weeks with my family.  Everything I do is for them, and I want to make sure they see me — especially during the holidays.  This way they know how much they mean to me, and I do not repeat mistakes of the past.  I pray you can make time to do the same with your family and loved ones.


OK, until my next update (whenever that may be), stay safe and try to build soothing (preferably something using TMD resin).  OH!  And MERRY CHRISTMAS! 🙂


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