I tried — hard — to get all the sale orders shipped by today, but I missed the mark again.  🙁  However, it’s not all bad news 🙂


I tried to get all the sale orders shipped by today, but three of you placed HUGE orders, and 5 more need molds made so I can be sure to send good castings on larger items.  To those 8 of you, I apologize.  I did my best, but I simply ran out of time.


Folks, in the last three weeks, you have placed well over 100 orders.  So you’ll have some idea of what that means, I average 45-50 orders a month.  What’s more, the size of these orders has been a  bit larger than the normal order.  It didn’t help that I was both injured and sick during this time.  That slowed me w-a-y down.  Still, I handled all but 8 of your orders, and of those 8, 5 need new molds made.  So I am not totally upset with myself.  I managed to get more done than I thought I would, and I’m happy with that fact.


As I have told you, I have been working hard the last few weeks.  But now it’s time for BB and I to go on our family trip.  My in-laws will be here to watch over things and keep the shop rats company.  But I will have limited Internet ability for the next seven days.  So, if you have a difficult time getting a response from me, please understand that I am trying to spend some time with the family and have intentionally ‘checked out’ from the world to help me relax.  I hope you will find time to do the same this holiday season.


When I get back, I will release the larger conversions.  These will be limited run releases.  If you’ve been waiting, be prepared to buy yours when I post them.  It may be the last time I make them.  I’ll also have some new items to release on Dec 29.  Otherwise, I’ll be on a ‘working vacation’ until January 4.


OK, that’s it for now.  I’ll be back next week, after we get back from our trip.  Until then, you stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


5 responses to “2017.12.8 UPDATE: I TRIED, BUT I MISSED THE MARK — AGAIN :-(

  1. Have a great time. We all need to unwind at times so have fun doing it.

  2. Go have you two time. Take your time with all of this . We all know you work your butt off and you need the break to recharge , relax and feel better .

    So, like Karl said everyone needs to unwind . This means you too .

    AND looking forward the 4 JAN !

  3. Go crazy relaxing. Hmmm, that doesn’t sound right, does it. Do it anyway! Remember, when you go somewhere that lets you relax, that if you think of moving there, your cares move with you and Relaxationland becomes Blahville. So don’t think of moving away!

  4. I read a post about Combat Boat 90, 35th Tiger # 6290″.
    Can you give more info.
    If available, I may wish to purchase one. When, where, cost U.S.

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t think I know anything about this? Are you sure you have the right company. Maybe you are looking for Tiger Productions, Jose Rodriguez’s company?

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