Hello Friends,

This was a great week!  I am finally on top of things again and I feel wonderful.  However, I did run into a ‘wait-a-minute’ vine.


This is where that ‘wait-a-minute’ vine got me.  If you don’t know what that is, it is a term U.S. troops use to describe any vine that is encountered while navigating in dense brush or jungle.  These vines are everywhere, and they seem to grab you by the feet and hold you up for a minute or two while you cut yourself free.  They really slow things down.  Well, I hit a ‘wait-a-minute’ vine that slowed down the new releases — but only for a few days.

Sometime between the 29th and 31st, I will release the following items:


— A set of U.S. ‘charlie’ boxes (inter-com boxes).  You might have seen these on Pat’s Face Book posts.  Well, he mastered them, so… 🙂


— An early, VVSS-based M4 105 mm Sherman conversion based on the Tasca/Asuka line (extensive but affordable)

For the Takom M3/31 Kits

— A series of Rear Hull plates with round and hexagon cover plates and circular plugs depicting factory and field modified covers

— A series of rear over-hangs depicting factory and field modified triangle and rectangle shrapnel shields for the air cleaners

— A series of factory and field installed round and square air cleaners with the screen piece that fits under the rear over-hang

— Fishtail exhaust for both factory and field installation

— 1-pice idlers with separate swing arms (this will fix your track fir issues)

— Intermediate pattern road wheels with inside rim rivet details

— Bow plate with factory cast-over MG holes

— Grant side armor without the antenna pot mount, with missing rivets

— Possibly a T6 conversion

— Possibly a ‘field modified’ Grant update to show the British Grant as it would have been seen in later life, after they had been refitted in the field


I am working to put the finishing touches on the above mentioned items.  Most are finished and I am just working on making the final production sprues and molds.  As of this moment, I have no idea what I’ll work on for February.  I just want to finish the M3 stuff first, then we’ll see what comes next.


I had a great week on this front.  As of right now, I have nothing left from last year except those orders waiting on the Bergepanther conversions.  Everything else has shipped!  So, if you are waiting for a Bergepanther, I will ship your order and all orders associated with the Bergepanther by next Friday, Feb 2.

— A Mini Art Pzr III engine deck correction, If you are still waiting for one of these, email me.  You should have received it or at least shipping notification.  If not, you fell through the cracks.  Email me now! (So I can fix it 🙂 )

— A major conversion kit I have 3 SdKfz 9/1s left that need to be packaged, and that should be done tonight.  They will ship tomorrow.  Other than that, I just have to ship out the Bergepanthers.  Everything else is in the mail.

— ALL other orders: The only other orders in the que all came in within the last 24 hours.  They will ship Monday or Tuesday.


STANDARDIZED UPDATES — This is week 3 of my new standard update format.  I hope it helps you find whatever information you might be seeking faster and easier.  If so, then it is working.

WEB SITE IMPROVEMENTS — If I can get my lazy rear end to sit down at the computer this weekend, I am going to start working on some of the changes I would like to make to the web site.  They will include:

— A lot more categories, to help you narrow your searches.

— Updated ‘quick-find‘ pages.

— A new, more comprehensive and standardized product list89ing/description page with links to related products.

— And, if I can figure out how to do it, I hope to add thumbnail pictures to the listings on the search returns, to help you see what each item is without having to click on every listing.


Greg NeuFeldt has started a build for me on Track-Link and Armorama.  He is building an Australian Matilda using all the TMD goodies I could give him.  He is also posting updates on TMD’s Face Book page.  I hope you’ll follow along.  It should showcase our Matilda line very nicely.  It will also let a good modeler and friend of the company show off his talents.  Honestly, I think that means more to me that promoting the TMD line.  So, if you are interested, follow Greg’s work, and maybe drop a line or two of encouragement and appreciation?  🙂


I’ll be a little slow next week.  I have to bang out the company’s taxes and get everything to the accountant.  Still, I should be done with that by Wednesday or Thursday.  Usually I just take 2 days and bang through it, but this time, I plan to use the time I set aside for mastering.  This way, I will not slow down the shipping of your orders.


It looks like I will change the type of plastic bags I use and put a slip of paper with the product number on it inside your bag.  I still will not make headers for your orders (unless you make special arrangements with me before you order).  Hopefully, this should satisfy everyone.  It will also help with overseas orders, as well (you guys should know what I mean 😉 ).


This was a great week for me.  I feel like I am back on top of things and can finally start looking forward again.  I am excited.  Now I can finally start working on some of the things BB’s has been asking me to do around the house.  With luck and hard work, I might be able to get the house completely suited to our tastes and in good repair in less than one year from the time we moved in.  Considering how big this place it and what needed to be done, that will be a feat.

In addition that that, I plan to actually start building a kit this weekend — a kit that I will actually paint and finish!  I’ll be sure to post pictures.


Well, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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  1. Cliff Leverette

    Okay Joe, who is Pat so I can look at his facebook post of the Charlie boxes.
    And does Karl have a facebook page?

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