Hello Friends,

I had another decent week.  If I keep this up, I might have a good month to start off 2018.  Wouldn’t that be a welcome change of pace?  🙂


I don’t have any new products for you this week, so nothing to tell you about — yet.  The next release date will be Jan 26.  Watch for it.


I am currently working on some more detail and correction sets for TAKOM’s M3 Lee/Grant kits.  If I have time, I might even sneak in some of the other products I had planned for the TAKOM T-series tanks and King Tiger kits.  We’ll have to see how things go.


I managed to get a lot of work done this week.  I started with 47 orders, took 7 more, and am down to 17.  of those, all but 1 is waiting for an unusual reason.  If you are waiting on one of those orders, you have been emailed to let you know the specifics of what is holding up your order.  Otherwise, if you have not received an email from me or and you have an out-standing order with:

— A Mini Art Pzr III engine deck correction, I got this master finished and shipped out all the orders that had been waiting on it.  I have one guy out there waiting on a replacement, but I can’t find his address or email (you called me this week, so if you see this, call again).  Otherwise, this issue will be retired.

— A major conversion kit (SdKfz 9/1, Bergepanther, M8 HMC), Things went slowly on this front.  If they had gone just a bit better here, then this would have been a great week.  Still, it looks good for clearing these orders off my board by next week.  Hang tight just a few more days, please.

— ALL other orders: I cleared everything else.  I only have 2 orders in house that are not waiting on a major conversion, and they both came in the past few days and will ship Monday.


STANDARDIZED UPDATES — This is week 2 of my new standard update format.  I hope it helps you find whatever information you might be seeking faster and easier.  If so, then it is working.

WEB SITE IMPROVEMENTS — If I can get my lazy rear end to sit down at the computer this weekend, I am going to start working on some of the changes I would like to make to the web site.  They will include:

— A lot more categories, to help you narrow your searches.

— Updated ‘quick-find‘ pages.

— A new, more comprehensive and standardized product list89ing/description page with links to related products.

— And, if I can figure out how to do it, I hope to add thumbnail pictures to the listings on the search returns, to help you see what each item is without having to click on every listing.


A lot of you have asked me to do something about my packaging.  Specifically, you want me to put the product number and description on the package.  This is a tough issue for me.  Making actual headers will add a great deal to the cost of every product I sell.  They cost money and they take a great deal of time to make and attach.  Still, I know you guys need to know what is in the bag, so I have to do something about this — now!

My proposal is to go to a 4 mil zip lock back and to just write the product number on the bag with a black sharpie marker.  I will not attach a paper header, nor will I write down the product description.  Again, time is the issue here.  But another consideration is overseas shipping.  The more I start making my stuff look like an actual retail product, the more I will have to start reporting the actual cost on the customs forms.  I do not have to tell those concerned what that means for them.  So, hopefully, this will help — especially if I get the ‘quick-find‘pages updated.


I had a decent week.  Things with BB are great, and I am getting the major home repairs knocked out.  It was cold this past week, and that slowed things down a bit, but it was also a refreshing break.  I didn’t get to do much mastering, and no modeling for myself, but I have had time to read and catch up with my wife and to play with the shop rats (our dogs).  So I had a good week and it reflects in what is — for now, anyway — the best attitude I’ve managed since shortly after we moved last year.  Here’s to hoping things stay this way for a while, and to hoping you are experiencing the same thing in your life. 🙂


Well, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).



2 responses to “2018.1.19 UPDATE: ANOTHER DECENT WEEK

  1. Joe, I say stick with the bags and the sharpies. Keeps production and shipping costs low . The product number should do the trick even with the terminally senile like me I figure if I get confused or excited, I can log on and look.

    Glad you all are faring well .It’s been “fun” experiencing 1989 again . Nothing like trying to airbrush acrylics in 26 F weather. Every day is a little more stability and strength and before we know it, the 26th will be here .

    Sounds like it is all about of track .

  2. Christopher C Tew

    Bags with Sharpie item #s is a good compromise for labeling and makes it easier to open, take out what’s needed, and re-close.

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