Hello Friends,

Last week was a great week.  This week, I feel a bit like Britney Spears Song.  Have you ever heard her song, “Ooops, I Did It Again?”  Well, I did, and I’m feeling like a double idiot.


There is nothing new this week.  Next release date should be February 23.

Other than the early 105 mm VVSS Sherman conversion, I have no idea what I’ll manage to finish by Feb 23.  Sorry.


I had a tough week with orders.  I didn’t get much of anything shipped until yesterday.  That’s because it is easier to cast these big kits, then assemble them all at once.  So I spent the first few days pouring resin.  However, with the exception of one special case, all the large conversion kits have been shipped and they are now officially retired!!!  The only time you will ever see them again is if I bring a special casting to a show or need something for me, personally, and throw one up on EBay to raise some spending cash.

As for the rest of your orders: if you haven’t already received an email from, your order is still working. I have about 15 orders that still need a piece or two cast here and there, but they are in the works.  Most of the orders and customer service issues I have left should ship out Monday or Tuesday.  Keep an eye on your spam folder — just in case the notification gets trapped there.


There is nothing major going on with the company right now.  I’ll let you know when that changes.


Here is where I am feeling like that Britney Spears song.  Doing my taxes made me realize just how much I had spent on personal kits, books and aftermarket last year.  So I started to look at everything I had collected and realized very little of it had anything to do with 1/35 armor.  Gosh, I have some nice 1/350 ‘full-meal’ ship and 1/48 aircraft packages, but — if I am totally honest with myself, I’ll never build them 🙁

I bought them because I could, and in my business, it is all too easy to convince yourself that it is connected.  Well, 1/350 ships and 1/48 aircraft are no-way connected to 1/35 armor.  But the worse part is that every minute I spend looking at, thinking about or reading anything connected to ship or aircraft modeling is a minute I could have spent on TMD.

Look, I have always been honest with you guys, and I’m never going to change that.  But this next part requires me to share something that can make a lot of folks uneasy.  Still, I make no apologies for what is about to follow.

After I sold TMD to my brother, I went through a major change in my life.  I have always called myself a Christian, but — during that two years — I read the Bible for the first time.  When I did, I realized I was no where near living my life like I should be, not if I wanted to say I follow Jesus.  So I dedicated myself to trying to live according to the teachings of my faith.  Now, I don’t preach, because that is not my calling.  But I promise you, my faith is the reason you do business with me.  Had I not started trying to actually live according to my faith, I would have never gotten this company back.  Had I not changed, and dedicated myself to serving God by serving you, you would not be getting the customer care you get.  And, had I not changed, I might have lost this company again — because I wouldn’t have realized I was getting off track and lost in the weeds again.

Therefore, over the next few weeks, you are going to see me post some very nice kits on TMD’s Face Book page, and on the DG’s.  You’ll also see some very sweet package deals.  And I’ll be offering them at about 75% of retail.  I don’t have to sell them.  TMD is solid.  Finances and sales are good.  I caught things in plenty of time.  That said, if, if, IF I can sell the ships and planes quickly enough, I will be able to raise enough cash to move TMD in a slightly different direction: a direction new to TMD.  In the direction this company was originally founded to go.  So, watch my listings and, if you see something you like and you can afford to buy it without causing yourself any harm, consider snatching it up — so you can help me re-focus and get TMD roaring along again sooner rather than later.

For those who are interested, I might post a special ‘Joe’s Corner’ to explain this in more detail.  I haven’t decided yet, so you’ll just have to watch for it.


Well, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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