Hello Friends,

It is time for TMD to go back home — back to my original ‘love:’ German WW II armor and anything that will help a modeler show them in their natural setting.  That means diorama products and accessories.  Come on, let me tell you more about it.


I did not master much in the month of February, but I will keep my promise to release the M4 VVSS 105 mm (Early) conversion.  Look for it Monday.  It should sell for somewhere between $50-65, and will be made to go with the Asuka ‘China Clipper’ kit (35-034).


One of the main reasons I don’t have anything much in the way of new products this month is because I simply lost interest in U.S. subject matter.  No matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn’t make myself sit down and work on another master for Allied vehicles.

I like Allied vehicles just fine, but I have always been a fan of German armor and dioramas.  TMD was established with the intention of becoming a resin diorama company.  That’s why, when I received Takom’s three new Panther As and a Rye Field Models Panther G this past week, I decided to clear my bench of everything OD green and get to work on my old friends, the German cats.

However, as excited as I am about the new kits, I am even more excited about the diorama possibilities presented by the interiors that come with them.  I have been given an opportunity to return to my first ‘love,’ and to push TMD into dioramas, as well.  So, for the next few months, you can expect a lot of German items to be pushed off my master bench.


If all goes well, by the time I shut down the shop today, I’ll only have 5 outstanding orders.  I apologize, but I had to push most of you aside the early part of this week so I could fill a large dealer order that came in the day before my trip last week.  I have bad timing with this dealer.  He always seems to catch me when I have ‘issues’ in the shop or my personal life and I felt obligated to him.  Besides, his orders help me keep my prices down.  Consequently, I worked his order first and fit in your orders when and where I could.

Now, as I said, this should leave 5 orders by the end of the day.  Of those, most are waiting on BEF Matildas.  If that is you, please know that your order is being held so I can make new molds.  If the molds turn out good, I should get you out of here by the middle of next week.  Because I made you wait, you’ll find a little something extra for your Matildas in your packages.  Hopefully, it will keep you happy with me and TMD.


Nothing has changed here: I have finally caught up enough to turn my attention to the web site.  I even have some help with this project (I love volunteers for punishment🙂  ).  The only thing new is that I will be talking to my helper over the weekend and starting to make the long-awaited changes.  I hope you’ll start seeing the effects of our effort to make the web site better by the end of February.


I finally have some good news to report.  First, the truck transmission cost me $2500, but — thanks to the Lord sending you guys to support me — I was able to afford it (though it has set me back quite a bit).

Next, we had a great trip!  BB and I took my parents to Disney World.  They had only been once before and that trip was a bit rushed for them (they are in their mid 70’s).  This time, however, BB and I planned things so they could take their time and see what they wanted to see and do what they wanted to do.  I cannot remember the last time I saw my parents so happy.  It was like they were kids again, and the love my father has for my mother shined through the entire trip.  Just seeing her happy made him light up in a way I cannot remember ever seeing him do.  That alone was worth the trip, but I also had a great time with BB.
Finally, I really am excited about the idea of getting to work on the new Panthers.  I’m even going to go back and have a look at the RFM Tiger Is and the TAKOM Tiger IIs.  Heck, this should even spill over into the older DRAGON kits.  All-in-all, my world is looking and feeling pretty good right now.  I just hope things are going as well for you and your family.


Well, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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