Hello Friends,

I’ve had another good week.  I continue to make slow, steady progress on all fronts.  This week, that even includes mastering new products.  Come on, let me tell you about them.


Sorry, nothing new to announce here, but keep reading.


OK, there is a lot to share on this front.  I have gone through all my Panther books, and ordered a few more that should come in Monday.  I have also read through the suggestions posted on TMD’s Face Book page.  I have a pretty good list of ideas as to what to make for the Panther.  I am going to work on them in two phases.

First, I am going to focus on making some external detail and stowage sets for the Panther.  Many of these will be ready for release on March 30.  I decided to start with the exterior for those of you who will be too impatient to wait on my interior products (see, I know you guys).  So, first up will be different spare track and road wheel arrangements; empty rear storage boxes with lids and heat shields (bent ones to follow); exhaust pipes with different brackets and jack storage arrangements (guys, I literally cast thin metal exhaust pipes, so you should like these); front fenders (about as thin as PE, but flexible, so not brittle); and a few other surprises thrown in the lot.

Next month, I will work on mastering damaged and interior goodies for your Panther

Also on the bench for March 30 is the T-29/30-34.  If all goes well, I hope to wrap these kits up this weekend.  Then there is the TAKOM M3 Lee/Grant family.  If I can, I hope to squeeze out a few more pieces for these kits.  Finally, I have some of Karl’s smaller masters that have been laying around for a long time and a couple ideas I hope to make as additional surprises for you on the 30th.  All-in-all, the next 2 weeks will be a busy time on the bench.


At the moment, I have 2 orders in house, both of which came in within the last 24 hours.  They should ship Monday.  However, to be honest, this is not good for the flow around here.  SO, if you have been holding off on an order, place it this weekend.  It is not good for me to have too much free time away from the bench.  I get rusty fast.  It’s up to you to keep that from happening by sending me something to do in the way of an order O:-)


The new web site is coming along well.  At the moment, it is waiting on me to catch up so I can do the part only I can do.  However, that has been put on hold for the next two weeks.  I need to get these Panther goodies started first.

I still need to clean the shop but, other than this, the rest of TMD is quiet.  All the action is on the bench.


I also managed to make a list that will let me sell of the many kits, accessories and books I need to sell.  I made an easy way  for you to see what I have.  You can find it here. Guys, there is some SA-WEET stuff in this sale.  Take time to give it a look and, if you would, share the link with your buddies.  Everything I make from selling this off will be going to making new stuff for your 1/35 armor.


Personally, I am doing much better.  My attitude is improving, I’m loosing weight, and BB is happy.  I’m even getting some of my chores done around the new property.  Honestly, I can’t ask for anything more.  In fact, I sort of wish there were more going wrong.  It bothers me when things go so well.  I start expecting Murphy to show up, and it’s never good when that happens.  Still, I am grateful and am trying to enjoy the change of pace.  It’s good not to feel under the gun for a change. 🙂


Well, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


7 responses to “2018.3.16 UPDATE: PANTHER! PANTHER! PANTHER!

  1. So, is Karl still doing olive drab related bits?

  2. Well, this is great. Sprucing up MK Vs and Olive drab as well. Life is good

  3. Florencio Lomague

    Hope to see a set of track hangers for the turret ! RFM didn’t have them !

  4. Spare wheel mount for turret would be nice along with redoing all your excellent stuff for the tamiya ana dml panthers

    • Chris, I am W-A-Y ahead of you. I have 3 wheel mounts already finished, and am working on more Panther goodies. You’ll see pictures soon. 🙂

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