Hello Friends,

This was a difficult week to describe.  On the master bench, I didn’t do that much, but I have started to gather some very good ideas of what needs to be done for the 1/35 scale Panther family.  On the business side, I have beat down the orders and cleaned the shop, but the wallet is a bit tight.  And finally, on the home front, we got the front and back porches painted, but we found some old termite damage and are now a little worried about the house.  So, if I seem like I don’t know whether to be happy or depressed, you’ll understand why.


I don’t have anything new, but I stuck a post to the top of the TMD Face Book page asking for input on ideas for the entire 1/35 scale Panther family.  If you have not done so, please drop by and post your ideas.  I honestly want to hear them.


Well, here is another good thing — bad thing that happened this week.  I got the Early VVSS M4 105 mm Conversion posted, but I found out I left a few things out of the kit.  If you ordered one, they will ship next week — after I add the late engine deck and early exhaust vanes to the conversion.

As for the Panthers (as well as the Tiger families), I didn’t do much with them, but I did get a lot of good ideas.  I’ll try to get myself focused enough to compile them this weekend and get to work on them next week.


By the end of the day, I will have shipped all orders except those with a BEF Matilda or Early VVSS M4 105 mm Conversion.  If you are waiting on an order containing one of these, here’s what is happening:

BEF Matildas — Need new turret mold.  Waiting on rubber.  It should be here today.  If it comes, the mold will be poured and ready to go on Monday and your order will ship shortly thereafter.

Early VVSS M4 105 mm Conversion — I need to add the late M4/M4A1 engine deck and early vane exhausts to these conversions.  I’m already casting them.  Your orders should ship early next week.


Thanks to the help of a French customer who is quickly becoming a valuable asset, a lot of progress was made on the web site changes.  So far, it looks like we’ll be able to make all the changes I had hoped to make and — this time — everything seems to be working correctly.  I’m even learning more about how to manage the web site on my own.  If things continue at the current rate, we should be ready to move it to my host and start importing the product listing pages.


OK, here’s where things start to get sticky.  I have been on a bit of a roller-coaster lately.  One week I’m up, the next I’m down.  This week I was both.  I’m getting tired of it, but I know it is my fault.  I lost focus and did some things that — honestly — were just stupid.  I knew better.  Now they are starting to cost me.  Well, I have grown enough to know that I can’t panic or over-react.  I just need to get focused again and stick to those things I need to and should be doing.

As a part of this, I am going to force myself to post a bunch of kits I collected simply because I could.  My interests are too broad, and since I have the means, I bought a lot of stuff just because it made me go, “OOOOO!  AAAAHHH!”  Now, I don’t have to do it, but I am going to sell my 1/350 ships and a great deal of my 1/48 aircraft.  Since I am afflicted with a serious case of AMS, most of these kits have a full-deal after-market package connected to them — including reference materials.  I will start listing them on a WordPress page I keep for TMD.  I’ll post links to these listings on TMD’s FB page, as well as several modeling DG’s.  This way, you can SEE what I am offering rather than just read it.  100% of my proceeds will be going to TMD.  I need rubber, a few kits I want to use for new products, shop materials and some new tools and equipment.  So, if you are interested, keep an eye out for my sale posts.  They will start going up this afternoon.


Well, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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