2018.4.20 UPDATE: Good Week in the Shop, not So Much on the Bench

Hello Friends,

This was good week: a busy week, but a very good week.  Still, as with all things, there were some trade-offs and, if you have a few minutes, I’ll tell you all about them.


There is nothing new this week and, because this is the area where I had to trade off, there may not be anything new next week, either 🙁


I still have hopes to release at least a few of the following next week:

— A few more spare road wheel and track sets

— At least 1 pattern of exhaust and jack mounting brackets for the Ausf. D, A and G Panthers

— A general detail set for the Ausf. D, A and G Panthers

— Some Jerry cans in mounts for mounting between the rear storage boxes and exhaust stacks

— A storage tube with mounts to go across the rear deck

— Several options for mounting un-ditching beams (beams included) across the rear deck

I am also working on the T29/30/34 hull.  I have the spare track holder finished, and am just about finished with the mufflers and mounts.  There are just a  few more items I want to finish before we release the last of the lower hull details and put this kit to bed for good.

As soon as the Takom mid Lee kits hit, we’ll finish with that series, as well.

Also, it is very possible that you will see more Sherman goodies from Karl.  Cross your fingers, but there may be some more upper hulls on the way and, from what I have been told, some of them have never been kitted in plastic or resin!

Finally, I might even have a few odd-ball surprises for you.  If all goes well, April 27th is shaping up to be a good week for TMD stuff.


This was where I really shined this week.  I managed to handle what would amount to about 3 weeks of average orders on top of 2 dealer orders!  I still have 10 orders left to ship, but I have everything for those orders cast.  All I have to do is package them and ship them out — and there is still a chance that I’ll get to that before the end of the day (I want to make sure I post the update first — just in case).

For what it’s worth, I really hate dealer orders.  They take 3 times as long to put together for about half the profit.  Working two good size dealer orders in this week really took up all my time, and that meant I had no time for the master bench.  But, hey, you have to handle the orders you already have before you worry about making more, right?  🙂


I need to get back to the web site — soon!  I also need to get on the master bench!  Finally, I need to clean the shop.  It looks like they filmed the tornado scenes from both the Wizard of Oz and Twister in my shop.


I put in more time for BB this week, but I also spent some time getting ready to build for me this weekend.  So, if I do not get any TMD work done over the weekend, it is a fair bet that I finally got around to building something that has no purpose other than to make me happy.  It will have no connection to 1/35 armor in any way.  I just hope that I actually get to it this time.  If I do, I will post pictures on my personal FB page.


Well, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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