2018.4.27 UPDATE: Tough Decisions

Hello Friends,

I had a good week, but it was a week for tough decisions.  If you have a few minutes, I’ll tell you about them.


There will be no new releases this month.  This was one of those tough decisions.  I could have forced a few things out, but if I had, there was a high probability that I would have made mistakes.  And, even if I managed to get the new stuff released correctly, it is almost certain that I would have caused real problems in the shop — problems that would have carried over for the next month, maybe even two months.  So I held the new releases for a later date.


I am still working to finish the external Panther details.  I am focusing on the Ausf A and Ausf G. 

In addition to the Panther, I am working to finish up the products we had planned to make for the TAKOM T29/T30/T34 kits, as well as the TAKOM Lee and Grant kits.


Things continue to go well in the shop.  There are only a couple outstanding orders left in the shop and they will ship between now and Monday.

For some reason, I have been getting a lot of overseas orders returned to me???  The packages are shipped to the address I am given.  I know this much because I check the shipping addresses on every order as I ship them out — twice.    So, I have no idea why these orders are coming back to me.  I will try to find the records and email the individuals involved.  In the mean time, if you have an outstanding order that is over due, please email me so I can check these returns to see if your order is among them.


This is another of those tough decisions.  As much as I would like to, I simply do not see how I will ever get this kit finished.  It isn’t that I was not serious about making the conversion.  I spent a handy sum to buy the rights to Panzer Concepts fenders and outer road wheels.  So, I am going to lose money over this decision.  But that is not my primary concern.  Now, I have to figure out how to handle the money I owe the guys who pre-ordered.  A simple refund will not be good enough — not for this.  The 6 people in question will be emailed by the end of the day, and I will explain in detail how I plan to make things right.  I’m telling the rest of you the most basic details so that you will all know that I care about my customers and the service I provide.  My word is important to me, and I try hard to earn and keep your trust.  I didn’t want to handle this quietly because I did not want to risk the possibility that someone would eventually try to spread a rumor accusing me of not making things right with these 6 customers.  I assure you, I will.  So, if you ever see anything saying I did these 6 guys wrong, please refer them to this update.


I have let the work on the update to the web site slip.  I confess, I struggle with these things.  They are essential, but they have nothing to do with making new products or filling orders, so it is difficult to make the time necessary to figure out what I need to do, how to do it and then make it happen.  Still, I know I need to make some changes to the web store and I am going to stay with this.


I was able to clean the shop up a bit this week.  This may seem like a little thing, but it is huge — at least for me.  When the shop gets messy, my efficiency goes way down.  I end up spending as much time looking for the molds I need to pour as I spend actually packing and filling orders.  SO this was a good thing this week.  I can find things again.


My world is a mixed bag.  The pollen is doing ugly things with my allergies.  That makes it difficult to work outside, but I have to keep up with things or the grass will take over in a matter of weeks.  Otherwise, I’m doing OK, I just need to stop eating.  By this point in my life, I have determined that is the only way I will ever lose this excess weight.

Emotionally, I am also in a mixed world.  I have finally started to build for myself again and am really enjoying that.  I just have to be careful not to spend too much time building for Joe.  I still have a company to run.  On the other hand, I stressed a great deal over making the decisions to hold the new releases and cancel my plans to make the Late Famo Conversion.  Neither decision came easily, but both are the correct choice for me and TMD so — ultimately — the correct decision for you, as well.  Still, even though I know I did the right thing, it doesn’t make accepting it an easier.  I hate disappointing people — especially those who showed so much trust in me.  Also important, this is a new-product run industry, and cash flow is just now getting back to where it needs to be.  This means I am going to have to step out on faith this month and just trust that the Lord will provide — just as He promises.  I’m sure He will take care of everything, I just have to be a good steward of what I’m given and a faithful servant by taking care of you the best I can.


Well, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


One response to “2018.4.27 UPDATE: Tough Decisions

  1. I’d rather have it right than have it rushed . None of this is a cure for cancer nor is it world peace. It’s hobby and you’re a one man band operation . Most, if not all, of us have enough in the queue to be able to wait awhile. There are enough items in your catalogue to keep us busy until you get your new products on line. There’s still a bunch you’ve already got that already address upgrades/corrections . It’ll all be worth waiting for when these things do appear.
    So. it’ll be mid May or early June, fine, wallet needed a short break .

    Keep on keeping on, Marine.

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