2018.4.6 UPDATE: Panther Lovers Rejoice!

Hello Friends,

If I just read my posts from week to week, and I didn’t know it were not true, I might be tempted to think I am a little on the manic-depressive side.  That’s how far my moods seem to swing sometimes.  I mean, last week, I was as frustrated as I could be and this week I am swinging from the rafters, howling like Tarzan with a fresh batch of bananas. 🙂


I have 19 new products for you this week — all Panther related.  Watch for the post listing all of them.  Also, that post will remind you of everything else we make for the Panther.  I suspect some of you have either forgotten or may not have ever known just how many goodies we now make for this cat.


I have a long and growing list of things I want to make for the Panthers before I come off of this subject.  My next release date is April 27.  By then, I hope to have as much of the following ready for you as possible:

— A few more spare road wheel and track sets

— At least 1 pattern of exhaust and jack mounting brackets for the Ausf. D, A and G Panthers

— A general detail set for the Ausf. D, A and G Panthers

— Some Jerry cans in mounts for mounting between the rear storage boxes and exhaust stacks

— A storage tube with mounts to go across the rear deck

— Several options for mounting un-ditching beams (beams included) across the rear deck

I am also working on the T29/30/34 hull.  I have the spare track holder finished, and am just about finished with the mufflers and mounts.  There are just a  few more items I want to finish before we release the last of the lower hull details and put this kit to bed for good.

As soon as the Takom mid Lee kits hit, we’ll finish with that series, as well.

Also, it is very possible that you will see more Sherman goodies from Karl.  Cross your fingers, but there may be some more upper hulls on the way and, from what I have been told, some of them have never been kitted in plastic or resin!

Finally, I might even have a few odd-ball surprises for you.  If all goes well, April 27th is shaping up to be a good week for TMD stuff.


OK, the sale went better than I had expected.  You guys buried me.  I managed to ship out more than half of the orders that came in, but I confess, I still have 14 left to ship.  If you placed an order during the sale and you have not received an email from with the shipping confirmation and tracking information, your order is still being processed.  I apologize for the slow service.  I will keep working on them until I get them shipped — promise!


Now that things are starting to get back to normal, I am going to have to make time to get back to the web site.  I’ll catch up on where I was with the customer who has been helping me over the weekend.  We’re close to having something for you guys, but I am not a tech guy, so I am slowing my helper down.  Unfortunately, we’re at that point where I have to do the lion’s share of the work, so just hang int here.  I will not let go of this project.

At the moment, this is the only other work that is pressing on me.  Until I get them finished, it will be orders, new products and the web site — in that order.


For one, I am happy to report that there is not much to report — not in this section, anyway.  I am good.  BB is good.  The shop rats are good.  Everything is good.  I am a blessed man, far beyond anything I deserve.  I just pray that your world is just as good.


Well, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


One response to “2018.4.6 UPDATE: Panther Lovers Rejoice!

  1. Good to know about the Panther pretties .. I imagine they’ll take them to the next level. Even better to hear about more Olive drab in the pipeline, too .

    Glad to hear the sale went well, hopefully it got you into at least the dark grey.
    I know it will all come, not in a hurry, and when it does , it’ll be great.

    Glad to hear all else is cracking along.


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