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2017.6.29 UPDATE: Face Book Yard Sale!

Hello Friends, It was a slow week, but it was a good week, too.  Come on, I’ll give you the details. NEW PRODUCTS Nothing new this week, sorry.  But I am still plugging away on some new Panther goodies. PRODUCTS … Continue reading



Hello Friends, My Takom bergepanther kits arrived yesterday!  I was doing good before that, but now I am pinging off the walls.  I’ll try to calm down long enough to finish this post, but I wouldn’t count on me being … Continue reading

2018.6.15 UPDATE: SSDD


I don’t really have much to report this week, so, instead of making stuff up just to have something to write, I’m just going to tell you: SSDD (same stuff, different day).  I am fine, good health, no change in attitude or feelings.  I am still shipping orders and slowly — ever so slowly — working on new masters.  So, unless and until this changes, this is all I have for you this week.  Sorry.




Folks, I am putting these up early.  I still have to make the demo builds and take product pictures.  I will post those by Sunday night.  For now, I have attached some pictures to show you what I was working … Continue reading


2018.6.8 UPDATE: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide

Hello Friends, In many ways, my personal world is a lot like the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide story.  There is a side of me that knows what I should and shouldn’t do and, in most cases, has an idea … Continue reading


SPECIAL: A Personal Note on the Future of TMD

Folks, I promised that I would explain a little of what has been going on with me the past few months.  Well, here you go — as promised: another of those posts where my closest friends will yell at me … Continue reading


2018.6.1 UPDATE: Alberta Said to Tell You, “Milli Vanilli!”

Hello Friends, I was supposed to have new products for you today.  Yeah, ah, well, about that…  Alberto said to tell you Milli Vanilli: NEW PRODUCTS In case you had not heard, we took a direct hit from tropical storm, … Continue reading