I am putting these up early.  I still have to make the demo builds and take product pictures.  I will post those by Sunday night.  For now, I have attached some pictures to show you what I was working from.  This way, you can get an idea of what is being released this weekend.  I will pull the pictures down as soon as I have the final product pictures posted.

35-5142 Panther Jerry Cans in Racks (Type 1)

35-5143 Panther Jerry Cans and Empty Racks (Type 1)

35-5144 Panther Rear Deck-Mounted Storage Tube Mounting Brackets

35-5145 Panther Rear Deck-Mounted Un-ditching Beam w/Brackets (Square)

35-5146 Panther Rear Deck-Mounted Un-ditching Beam w/Brackets (Rectangular)

35-5147 Panther Rear Deck-Mounted Board (for retaining stowage)

I am working on at least 2 more patterns of rear hull-mounted Jerry cans, with brackets cast in and with mounting brackets cast separate.  I am also working on at least 2 more spare road wheel mounts as well as 3-4 rear deck storage boxes.  I am also making several boarding ladders, and some other paraphernalia commonly seen hanging off Panthers in the field.  Stay tuned, the other items will not be far behind these.  😉

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  1. Can you let me know when they are categorized? Looking to upgrade my Hobbyboss VK1602 and I think these brackets will look bad ass. Will also be getting some other stuff as well.

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