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2018.7.27 NEW RELEASES: More Karl Goodness!!!

READ BEFORE YOU ORDER!!! I promised, and I am delivering.  However, if you are in a hurry, DO NOT ORDER YET!  The shop is very busy right now.  I have the last of the sale orders, a big dealer order … Continue reading


2018.7.27 UPDATE: I Should Have Known Better

Hello Friends, I had hoped to have been able to get more done this week, but — as usual — I did not anticipate or plan for the usual unexpected time-suckers.  However, it wasn’t a totally busted week; it was … Continue reading


2018.7.20 UPDATE: It’s Time to Make the Resin Again

Hello Friends, I hope you’re all having a good summer.  I know I have been.  I needed my ‘working vacation.’  But — at least for me — the summer is starting to wind down and I can already feel those … Continue reading

2018.7.13 UPDATE: Same-Old, Same-Old

Hi Folks,

This is going to be short and sweet.  I do not have enough to report for a full post.  All goes well — including the sale.  Do not forget the sale ends in 7-9 days (depending on how I feel).  Otherwise, all is good here, and I hope it is the same with you.



2017.7.4 UPDATE: SA-PRI-IZE! :-D

Hello Friends, I have shipped ALL my outstanding orders, our youngest will be here for the weekend in 4 hours, my in-laws (who I love) are coming to visit him while he is here and I am in a GREAT … Continue reading