From now until July 21, take 20% off your entire cart!

Summers are not a busy time in the modeling world.  Most of you are doing other things.  GOOD!  That means only the truly dedicated will see and benefit from this sale.  For those who are dedicated to their hobby, here is a chance to fill all those kit boxes with the resin accessories they will need when you finally get to them.


MINIMUM ORDER: There will be a minimum order of $75.00

COUPON CODE: You MUST enter the Code “STASH” at checkout.

DOUBLE CHECK: Sometimes this code will not work.  Check your receipt.  If the discount was not applied, just email me so I can fix it (

SHIPPING TIME: This sale is intended to help you build up the stash.  That means I will not be rushing to fill orders!  It could take up to 2 weeks to ship, so, if you are in a hurry, you will need to email me and convince me to hurry LOL 😉

ONE LAST THING: I set the ending date of this sale for July 21.  However, if the sale is too successful, it is subject to ending sooner — and without warning!

SPREAD THE WORD: If you have a buddy, favorite DG or FB page, or just know of anyone who is ‘sleeping’ right now, share this sale with them and tell them not to miss out.  It could be a while before you see me do something like this again.



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