3- Russian WW II

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  1. Sidney MacMillan

    God bless you Joe and good luck over the coming weeks and months would love to be in a position to help out over there, we have been flooded a few times in past and have benefited from our community rallying round,the price you pay for having a business on the seashore I guess.

    • John,

      I’ve let you down on this one. I do not have instructions for this conversion, and I have no time to get them made until the summer. Let me see if anyone out there can help you with this one, as I was under the impression that it ‘should’ be self-explanatory. I do NOT expect you to know because I don’t. I was just going off what my ‘experts’ were telling me, but they may have meant it would be understood by other experts, so I am not upset with my advisers. I’m just not as ‘in the know’ about the Sherman as many think I am — sorry.


  2. Joe, I can’t wait for the new website. I’m sure that will help your business. You are correct in saying that not enough modelers know about your products. TMD has a huge line of products, I push them whenever I have the chance.