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  2. Hi Joe.
    Congratulations on getting the new site up and running.
    just a heads up for you. On the product page there is no ‘Category’ button showing on the left hand side. If there is then i need an eye test.
    Wish you the best.

    Dave Coyne

    • Hello Dave,

      Yes, we know. This is one of the limitations of the shopping cart. The category button shows on every page BUT the PRODUCTS page. However, in a week or two, you won’t need to use the PRODUCTS page very much. Once I get the rest of the line added to the PRODUCTS page, we will start adding the sub-categories, tags and groups. When we get done with that, you will be able to search and sort a great many ways. You’ll even be able to enter something in the search box like “M8 HMC” and you’ll get a list of everything we sell related to that search.

      Just stay with me, guys. It will take a little getting used to, but when we’re done, the new site will let us do anything we — or you — want to do. πŸ™‚

  3. Because the admin of this web page is working,
    no doubt very rapidly it will be well-known, due to its
    quality contents.

  4. Nice work on the new site, Joe, and all who helped with this version.
    Cheers and model on (preferably with resin)!

  5. Where is the link for the T6 instructions?

    • Sorry, I am still trying to finish those. They take a great deal of time and I simply have not finished them yet. I will do my best to have them finished by this time next week. That is the best I can do right now as I am trying to get them shipped so I can finish the instructions and put the T6 behind me.

  6. Hi Joe,
    You’ve asked all of us to preserve some rest because you have a really big problem when turn upside your operation. And yet you sent me the kit ordered in a reasonable time to Germany. I would like to thank you particularly. I can imagine how much pressure you are standing at the time. But my wait was worth it.
    And moreover, I would like to give you my appreciation for the conversion kit M4A2E8 Fury. This really can not be beat. ALL, really ALL details from the original are detailed in an excellent manner. I will recommend you and your company in any case, and of course continue to use your kit in my conversions.
    Best regards
    Thomas Eckert

  7. Hang in there Joe! New web site is looking good! Looking forward to seeing the M10 items for the new Tamiya kit!

  8. Joe,
    Thanks for supporting the modeling community, particularly those of us with Shermans in our stash waiting for some much needed resin correction and conversion parts. Cheers! chuck

    • Chuck, it has been and continues to be my honor to serve you guys. I’ll keep at it until you guys say stop of the Lord tells me to do something else.

  9. a.richard.walters

    Wow. Nice list of product. I saved the pics to create a PDF for future reference. Kudos to Karl Van Sweden. Ric Walters

  10. Joe, things happen for a reason . Okay, this set back makes the wait that much more exciting for me as a modeler .

    Thrilled it worked out for you, even if not exactly as you hoped. Hang in there , this will pass.

  11. Amen, Joe! The Lord does things in the nick of time, eh?

  12. Joe, do you think that beautiful M2 barrel with the counterweights might be available to use on the M3 Mediums?

  13. Cliff Leverette

    Hi Joe,
    I’ve visited your site a bunch of times since it was up and the home page just doesn’t have the feel of an aftermarket scale resin company. It needs a few photos of product in the black areas around the logo. That is another way a non-english speaker will know he/she is on the right page for the hobby. Working the rest out in ordering is probably no big deal, I can order from Germans, Poles, etc, cause the forms are so compatible with each other. Plus there is Google translate.

    I pray for the best for your business,

    • Thanks for the ideas, Cliff. I’ll try to incorporate them. I understand that what I have here is a little different, and it will take a bit of getting use to, but it is also something I can maintain and modify in whatever way I wish. I understand that this does not help if my customers cannot find my products, but it provides something I’ve never had before: the ability for me to have total control over my own web site/store. I just hope I can find a way to show people how to use the new site before they all lose interest in TMD. If not, well, I was looking for a job when I started this one πŸ™‚

    • Cliff,

      I am working on it. I have a new master for BOTH Thompsons, so I need to get them cast — then post new pictures. Soon, real soon.

  14. Well, no crunchy floors means a better work environment. So, no resin today makes for a clean production area. A clean production area means more efficient molding. When it all arrives tomorrow, you’ll have fewer worries within in the workplace . Of course it means you’ll be working your tail off but it’ll pay off in the end .

  15. Post in the usual places, show the new stuff and do what you do. There are people who are still mad at Ruger for things from 3 decades ago. Most of us know you and know the cap you have had to conquer . Most of us appreciate that.

  16. Joe, I’ve been busting concrete and repouring to repair mr drive! No time for me to work on hobby.

    Please put up a photo for the American Tompson when you get to it. I have no idea what it is, a full thompson or a broken down Thompson.

    One other thing, you might be aware that the photos of the jeep parts do not blow up so they are not easy to figure out where stuff goes. That means research. Research research, etc.!

    Well, gotta get, take care bro.

    • Cliff,

      Working on it. In the mean time, the American Thompson is the design we see in most WW II pictures of American troops — without the handle on the forward stock and with the straight magazine instead of the drum.

  17. No sweat papasan, life intrudes . The project sounds ambitious but well worth it . Yes, I know about the happy surprises in remodeling . Good on ya Marine .

  18. Cliff, the American Thompson is an M-1928 with a Drum mag and a conventional , as opposed to pistol style, fore grip . It’s pretty nice, too .

  19. Joe, I can’t work in my studio without a window unit either. I solved this problem when it burned out with a more expensive portable on wheels air conditioner/heater. Makes it nice to be able to move it around.

    • Thanks, Cliff. My borhter used an A/C/ unit like the one you describe, but my shop is so small… Let’s just say one of us would have to go, and that would leave me in the same place I am now πŸ˜‰

  20. Did you get a delivery update? Sometimes the Depot is a tad slow. Being out of the survival pack anywhere on the Gulf Coast is unsat, though

    By the way, are we EOD guys REMFs? Yeah, I know what it means πŸ˜‰


  21. Don’t you love the crisp autumn air on the Gulf Coast?

    Gotta hate the Depot not having the A/C unit. That’s inexcusable here on the Gulf Coast. In New Orleans, we’re also in a bowl that holds heat and humidity , so I empathize totally.

    Press on Marine .

  22. Looks terrific! I know it’s been a bear to roll this out with everything else going on , so it’s that much more impressive. I’m really impressed with the boxes and mounts .

    Looking forward to the rest . When they come, they come .

    • Dave,

      I’ll get them out over the next two weeks. I want to finish everything for the Australian Matilda by next weekend, then clean up some smaller detail sets the following weekend. That will just leave larger projects, like an Australian Matilda dozer.

  23. That’s good to know, what’s been released thus far is pretty impressive, moreso knowing the circumstances . Looks like beautiful detail thus far.

  24. Hi Joe. Any more coming up for the Tamiya M-10…a drivers compartment possibly? The Academy one will fit with a bit of trimming, but a nice one from you would be most welcome!

    I will be ordering the 3 piece nose internals and the M-10 hatches, but thought I’d wait to see what else is coming up for the M-10.

    • Peter,

      Yes, Karl is working on the driver’s compartment, the ice cleat mounting racks, an improved exhaust and a general internal/external detail set. I will not rush him, but the hope is to be done with this in Nov/early December.

      Hope this helps,


  25. Hi Joe!
    What superb releases! Love the updates for the Aussie Matilda.
    Any plans on releasing the cast fender/track guards often seen on Australian Matildas in the Pacific theatre?

    • Sven,

      Yes, but those are going to take me a bit longer. I don’t see any other way to do them than to just carve one. Either way, that is on the top of my list for the week of Nov 7-11, because I need them before I can release the Australian ‘Super Conversion” πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the fast reply, Joe. I know exactly what ou mean, these are not easy items to scratch build.

        I look forward to the Aussie super conversion as well. So glad that you continue to produce new sets for the Matilda -)

  26. Hi Joe. Thanks for your reply. I’ll hold off on my order until the rest of the M-10 parts see the light of day! I did suspect the drivers compartment would be on Karl’s to-do list!

    Pete M.

  27. God bless you with a restful weekend and a fresh start on Monday.

  28. Enjoy the break, take a good breather and good job on the 1:1 project .

    Next week will be great too .


  29. You too? Seems like the theme of my life the last six years .

  30. I know that BB is not in the same horrible league as Rumpole’s wife was but the bottom line is that it is “she who must be obeyed!” She’s got to be first, before work, before everything/everybody except Jesus, who will make sure you love her with a love that won’t die! Get that piano room!

    I do not have a planned date of assembly commencement, so waiting on the M10 parts that Karl mastered is okay with me, as long as your BB is happy with you!

  31. Just received a number of goodies from you….In the package, you state that in order to cut down on waste, instruction sheets are now available on-line. So where can I find the instructions for the Jeep (Tamiya) up date set?

    K. Kish

    • Hi,

      I never made one for that item, as I figured the pictures would be enough to show where everything goes. HOWEVER, you are not the first to have asked. Let me see if I can get something put together in the next day or two.

      I’ll be in touch by email.


  32. Couldn’t have put it better, family first! I’m sure Karl’s parts are worth waiting for, most of us have a few kits in the stash to keep us busy in the meantime..

  33. Asuka has some parts from their M4 series that feature a ribbed finish. See this thread on Missing Links

    Would you consider making a relacement set? Especialy the lower rear hull plate, as this one is the most dificult to correct yourself.


    Marc Brandes

    • Marc,

      Have you looked through our line yet? We already make the rear plates for many different Shermans. I bet you’ll find what you need is already in our line. Have a look and let me know what is still missing πŸ™‚


    • Marc,

      OK, I just spoke with Karl. We do not make what you are looking for — yet! The masters are made. Karl says he will send them to me Friday. When I get back next week (Dec 5), I should have them. I’ll get them pushed out ASAP — along with the M4 105 mm conversion πŸ˜‰


  34. Have fun, see you next week . You need the break.

  35. Welcome back, glad your batteries are recharged . I have not been back there in about 17 years .Glad you had fun, you needed it .

    So, yeah looking forward to the Friday updates and enjoyed the editorial as well

  36. Stuff happens, man

  37. Joe, are you abandoning the M10 stuff that Karl mastered?

    I would love to get one of your total bilsten cranes for the famo with the complete back section, but right now I have turned my attention to granddaughters’ first doll house. Working on that Tiger E for so long taught me that if I commit to something, I need to put 100 percent effort into it. So, rather than the crane from you, it is good wood, tools, fine detail stuff and then… ugh, I paint the entire thing Pink per her request. The nice thing is that there is not doll house expert telling me that the shade pink is not acceptable for the house time period/theater. No michael whittmann of doll houses, either.
    I don’t know how quick you need the money and frankly, I don’t know if I can get it until January. So if by then your offer still stands of remaking that crane, I’ll order one.

    Seriously though, what is the status of the M10 stuff? Sadly, when I would rather be dealing with you, I have bought some bits from Tank Model Design for the interior detail, that is engine compartments. The owner of that company wants out, wants to sell to someone. I hope the company doesn’t disappear. Where else can you get an aircraft engine for a Sherman M4 like the famous “Hurricane” shown in photos of Normandy, disembarking and Normandy Hedgerow engine replacement!
    Well, you feel better soon, I want to see you up on top of the world again.

    • Relax, Cliff,

      Karl is still all over the M10 and other U.S. projects. I — me, Joe — am going to start making masters for German tanks. But Karl is a different man, and he loves the U.S. stuff, so TMD will still make U.S. products, its just that Karl will do ALL the mastering there — no help from me for a while. I hope that clears things upa bit for you πŸ™‚


  38. I too have had a bit of a snafu last week. My brother in law was in a bad wreck while driving and has been in intensive care since the 20th. He is a truck driver by trade and really got hurt bad. We have spent most of our waking hours visiting him in hospital and taking care of other things for him. God willing he will be out of the woods soon and life can get back on track here. I am working but just not very much and mostly on Sherman upper hulls I have started and need to finish. The M10 is on my bench and getting all the time I can spare for it. God bless and take care.

    • Karl,

      Family first. Take care of them now, worry about models later. We’ll be here when things get better. Until then, I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.

  39. Hi Joe,
    Hope you feel better by now.
    Regarding the pdf files, I can recommend you PDFill , ( ) that works as a printer driver producing a pdf file from whatever software you use.

    take care,


    • Hi Carlos,

      Still sick, but slowly getting better. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll try to get to it this week. πŸ™‚


  40. Well, something to look forward to . Always worth the wait and I think that patience will be well rewarded .
    Glad your cold is about wrapped up, mine returned with a vengeance. Argh, I hate being a geriatric .

  41. Cliff Leverette

    Joe, dang. This blog cost me bit time, to get the book I’ve wanted for years. So thanks. I am one happy but broke guy now!

  42. Cliff Leverette

    Uh, that should be BIG time not bit time. Don’t want you to think I am paying with bitcoins!
    Happy Inauguration Day! Lots of good prayers were given in Jesus name and I was quite happy with what Rabbi Hier prayed, too.

  43. Cliff Leverette

    Looking forward to today’s releases!

    • I have them, but the post will come late. I have to get the orders shipped, then deal with a problem some of the guys seem to be having reaching the web store. But once I push through that, I WILL post the releases — promise πŸ™‚

  44. Cliff Leverette

    Hey Joe, just got the crane conversion for the Famo, it looks great! Looking forward to building it. Anyone who wants a very nice crane should look into it, FAST! If I am not mistaken, there is somewhere a photo of such a vehicle that was captured and is being used by the Brits. So, it could be used by either Germans or British as a repair vehicle.
    Good work, Joe!

  45. Alright Joe, I have just made an order so that you will have something to do other than sweep the studio again!!!!!
    Take care, Brother!
    Church Sunday? You bet.

  46. When will you have the 1/35th scale Famo conversion kit for Bilstien crane available ?
    I have the crane but not the conversion set for the Famo 1/35th scale


  47. You got it all cleared up, take a bow and a break. Enjoy the show and the tank park, it’ll charge your batteries . I’m sure after the show and after the next releases, you’ll be up to your elbows again . I’d hazard a guess that when flesh and blood Joe is seen again and some of the ideas flow, you’l lose this feeling. You’ll be to busy .

    Dropping the big kits is a huge load off. I think you made a good , but difficult decision . I’d suggest before venturing into that again , make sure there’s tangible commitments . This way, no one gets disappointed and YOU don’t get into a corner .

    Have a safe and fun trip. I’ll be on a Carnival float .

  48. Personally Joe I’m waiting to see your February releases. I applaud your decision to publish new releases at month end. As you explained at the time there are benefits to you and us with a monthly cycle. Dare I suggest that this is a symptom of your desire to establish a better operating rhythm. The flip side is that you should reasonably expect an up-tick in tempo in the first week of March. Hope that eases your loneliness somewhat.
    Best regards, CM

  49. I’m looking forward to what rolls out today for sure ! And tomorrow evening too , for that matter .

    Git pourin’ ,Marine

  50. Hi Joe,

    i notice you have release a few IDF stuff and was wondering if you are planning to release a M51 engine deck with the louvers which does not have the upper exhaust outlet. This deck was used during the M51 in the 73 war. I wold believe it would be a hot seller, I would buy a few.

  51. Welcome Gunnar! Hope you enjoy the privileged position at TMD, and that you get to work right away!!!!!!!
    I would love to know what your interests are, in the WW2 era items, if any. Modern is fine, there are some really nice things out there but I had to make the decision to go full blown on one theater and one year, otherwise I’d have a lot of toys and nothing to play with!
    Again, Welcome!

  52. Joe, only a Tiger on steroids and bent on a suicide mission will have any effect on the typical stump. And then the Tiger has to be rebuilt.

    Glad you are alright!

    • Cliff,

      I could have done it with my old M88. She wouldn’t have even noticed that little stump πŸ™‚

      But I found out how tough it is. πŸ™‚

  53. Take care of your back , it is nothing to fool around with .

    Orders can wait until YOU can move around .

    • Thanks, Dave,

      I have, and I’m feeling better. Running at about 75% which — at the moment — seems to be enough to keep up πŸ™‚

  54. Gunnar BΓ€umer

    Good to hear you won the battle, but lost the war.
    The time the remote control is your best friend πŸ˜‰
    Stay safe

  55. Wonderful , happy birthday to you both . Glad you’re well and feeling on top .

    Looking forward to 31 Mar ;should be some very nice things indeed . I have some Stuart and Cent stuff due Monday and am pleased to be getting them. The Cent wheels will be going onto a couple of AFV Mk5/1 tanks in Vietnam .

    Have a great couple of days , enjoy the birthdays

  56. Cliff Leverette

    Happy Birthday, BB! Joe can have a happy birthday when his is really here so for now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  57. Looking forward to the T-29/30 stuff. Bring on more M10. If you are not already working on them, might I suggest turret travel locks and early counterweights for the Tamiya M10. I have no interest personally in full resin kits, but I like your idea of having enough pre pays to justify your efforts for those. Have people put their money up front on these. They know the quality of your work, they shouldn’t have a problem.

  58. Jow, was BB a BB before she became a Bakanovic? Was she some other B? Like BL or BZ or B4?

    • Cliff,

      LOL, no, actually, she wasn’t a ‘B’ at all. She got the nickname from one of my employees. His nickname was ‘Fish.’ BB came in to the shop unannounced one day and Fish saw her first and yelled “The BB’s here!” When my wife asked him what ‘BB’ meant, he said “The Boss’s Boss.” The nickname stuck.

      Cheers πŸ™‚

  59. Top o’ the afternoon to ye. Sittin’ here in my paint spattered green doing some priming .

    LOOKING FORWARD TO THE 31ST ! The new masters sound really great and nice to see some 1/2 track love coming down and getting all kinds of excited about the deuce and a halves . The generic gear and crew goodies sound promising too .

    Well, time to check on the corned beef .

  60. Timothy A. Miller

    Just remember, Murphy was an optimist!

  61. Timothy A. Miller

    That’s from military version of Murphy’s Law, “Murphy’s Laws of Combat.”

  62. It is amazing how many “little things ” are part and parcel for ” just a truck” . That’s ok. The M5 and Halftrack bits have me all kinds of excited . Looking forward to the M10 updates too.

    All worth waiting for .

  63. Please tell me you have plans for “early german tank turret and hull visors.” Among other vehicles, the Miniarm Pz III Ausf. B could really use some of those!

    • Actually, yes. We just started looking at the Pzr IIs and especially the Panzer IIIs. It will be a couple months before we can get to them, but we are in the planning stage. So, if all goes well, you will be seeing some Pzr II/II products from TMD by about mid summer. Hope this helps.

  64. will be the first in line!

  65. You’re right , sight unseen I bought some new stuff and a couple of other items .
    You’re also right that some of the items are very nice to have and always seen .

    Thanks Joe , looking forward to putting this stuff to work .

  66. Joe, all this is good news indeed! The company’s getting back is looking great!
    The GMC stuff is welcome news indeed as are the little accessories ! If they’re anything like this month’s they ought to well received and VERY useful.
    When Karl’s stuff shows up, well more good news but , also, all in good time .

    Gotta say the grease guns and the pad locks are winners! I’ll have to save my pennies!

  67. Great!
    One suggestion. What about the M50 turret? Since you brought back the sherman turrets, and there is no decent M50 turret available, it might make sense. A conversion kit for the 1956 version (M4A4T based) from TMD will be my dream come true!

  68. Family is the most important part of life, so good on you!!

  69. Well, sure it’s a disappointment but it is well understood. Pragmatically speaking, far better to have you alert and healthy and wait a little as opposed to have you sick , tired and not doing the work you are most proud of . It’s a win.
    So, next week, you’ll add the wow factor.

    Hang in there .

  70. Mike Peplinski

    All good things FAMO! Would it be feasible to entertain the thought of producing an artillery body conversion? The old Calibre 35 one is hard to find and was mediocre.

  71. So, let’s post these goodies so you can take my money! πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to them.

  72. Worth the wait? Yes, yes it was . There were some VERY nice surprises, the headlight sets and tie downs! AT last, no photowretch for something seen on every truck and trailer . The Bronco trailer will FINALLY get done ! The hood latches look fantastic!

    Yep. between this and the jeeps, I’m a jolly old fat man .

  73. Marwin Albertema

    Very good! The latches can also be used for other purposes, these latches are also used inside tanks like the M4 Sherman (e.g. for holding the foul weather hood in place) and the M60 Patton series (for the turret floor ammo bins). So, not limited to jeeps and trucks!

  74. MORE 2 1/2 T truck bits? Hold still my beating heart ! Just got home to my initial package so these should be outta sight !

  75. Karl Van Sweden

    Allot of prayers answered there. Great news indeed.

  76. Brock Hopkins III

    Hopeything runs smooth. cheers, Brock

  77. The upside to 30 June is more money in my pocket to throw at you. YOU concentrate on getting better . Don’t beat yourself up, GET BETTER!

    Now, with the slide to the end of June, while you heal up, you can concentrate , get the next round exactly as you need to have them mastered and send out the other stuff as you heal stuff. Glad you had fun in LOU, sorry you got sick.

    Hang in there , it’ll all be just as intended .

  78. Get well soon, Joe. I will pray for a miracle as I know the Lord Jesus answers. He is true and personal!

    • Thanks, Cliff,

      At this point, I sure could use the prayers. Things have gotten worse, and I have had to see the doctor. But the Lord has this, and He will use it for my own good (though I may not see it right now). I just appreciate knowing you are praying for me. Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  79. Peter Mossong.

    Hi Joe. Hang in there mate. I’m in no hurry for the order I had placed, so don’t sweat it.

    Hope the back ‘click’s back soon.

    Peter Mossong
    New Zealand.

  80. Karl Van Sweden

    Hang in there Joe it will get better. I just went through the same thing with my back and doctors in the last week or so. I have a regular pharmacy in my cupboard after last time to emergency last week. I can’t take two of the meds but the pain killer got me through and I am actually feeling better. God bless you with healing soon.

  81. It’s amazing what listening to the pro, who happens to love you, can do . Glad you are better, take it slow and steady. The good things will come and that’s starting with your getting better.

  82. Joe, I was just about to write an email and ask about your health, but I see you are good to go! I look forward to seeing about the late Famo stuff, I am still not to those kits yet but look forward to adding your stuff I have already bought and some new not yet born!
    Prayers work, I see. One good theologian I knew well said that doctors and medicine are indeed miracles, common grace that God gives to all of his creation! Special Miracles, I have two that I would care to share but by email. One is about a man run over by his boat prop in the water and the other is about a young woman who was hit as a pedestrian by a car doing at least 55, breaking neck, legs, arms, ribs, plus brain injury and lots of other internals. It helps sometimes to go to the critical care waiting for a friend and listen to the other sad, hurting people waiting to find out about loved ones!

  83. Creighton Rose

    Glad ya feel better, I can commiserate with the bad back experience-(4 broken vertebrae@lumbar/lifelong back pain)

    You have an excellent product range for sure!

    Keep up the GREAT work…

  84. God speed, buddy

  85. Dang it I hate it when it does that

  86. Glad to hear it is running smoothly again. I have the same issue at times for other reasons but the results are the same….aaaarrrrgh!!!!
    Gods speed.

  87. Great to hear it was nothing that needed an operation, all the best for a quick recovery.

  88. Done and done!!

  89. Great news! step by step ..

  90. Cliff Leverette

    I do remember writing to Jose back about 7 0r 8 years ago with questions about his products and I was not disappointed with what I received! His answer was quite friendly and I am so sorry to read about his probs, or “issues” [term adapted by computer gurus and geeks so that computers never have “problems”].

    Perhaps we can organize a bold time of prayer for him. No need to all do it at the same time, our eternal Father does not operate on a time clock like we do. Those of us who acknowledge that we are his children are told that we can come before Abba (or Papa if you prefer) and pray BOLDLY. Lets do it.

  91. Exceptionally great news on all levels . Great news on the health front, no doubt about it.

    New workshop, more room, heck yeah, win-win!

  92. Hi Joe,

    So very glad to hear all of your health issues got resolved!

  93. Joe…Very happy to hear the results of your testing. I am working on a DML Tiger 1 initial kit 6600. The turret is in two pieces and I don’t like working with the seam. Will the turret that you sell for the TAM/ACA kits, 355055, work with the DML 6600 initial Tiger I kit? Also, any recommendations that you have to better the kit would be appreciated. I am building no. 123.

  94. Mr. Hainey; Cliff Leverette

    First, great news on the health front!

    Second, this comes to mind: Green Acres is the place for me, farm living is the life for me, Work Space spreading out so far and wide, keep wherever, just give me that country side!

  95. Karl Van Sweden

    God does work wonders when we wait patiently. Great news on all fronts. God bless the move….

  96. God teaches us to wait on him and not on US. I had to learn that lesson many times before it sunk in. I am praying that everything goes well with your house being sold and your move. God Bless you both and keep you safe.

  97. Randy Jackson

    Hope all goes well. Moving home can be tough especially when moving a business at the same time. Sounds as if you have it all under control (even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time)

  98. good luck in the move

  99. William Daugherty

    Good luck. Hope you get the BEF Matilda conversion up for sale soon!

  100. Typical construction delays, no way around it ever in the history of man except during WW2 in the U.S. when people like Higgins were the order of the day!

  101. Joe, would you send me an email so that I can update your address please? I had an idea for a product that should be simple with your skills and/or the skills of your pattern makers, especially the man who needs no introduction here or any where else, the terrifically talented, imaginative, precise, articulated and audacious Karl Van Switzerland (Uh, gotta get something wrong in that Swedish introduction).

  102. All terrific news. Next week is greatly anticipated .

  103. Glad to know it, Joe! But sorry about the back. Get that tended to before you are forced to get an honorable medical discharge!

    Looking forward to Famo updates.

  104. Joe, on the knees, if you have problems there, I heartily recommend a full replacement on each to give you a new lease on life. I have two myself. A hip is good I am told, and much easier to get over than knees, but knees are better than rotator cuffs, but those help tremendously, too. I am 62 now, going on 3 years with the final of the knee surgeries and I am doing stuff I had to quit doing when I was about 36.
    Hope this is some help. God’s common grace to all of his creation includes medicine from the minds God gave men, even unbelievers. So I thank God every single day that I remember what it was like before.

  105. Hey Joe, you know, now that you are living 150 feet above sea level you have complained about back problems, etc. I think it is the high altitude! Whew, takes some time Joe, that oxygen is thinner way up there.

    Seriously, I do hope you don’t lose anything but power, you might want to think about a generator for next hurricane. I am a good 200 miles north of the gulf but Katrina was still a category 1 hurricane when it went thru here and we had no electricity for 2 weeks and gasoline was hard to come by. So it can still be bad being on high ground and away from the sea.

    Hope you do well.

  106. Glad you all fared well. Mother Nature is a bitch and she doesn’t play fair. I hope all affected by Irma the nasty and Horrible Harvey recover quickly .
    Looking forward to the new goodies . Take your time, roll them out out as health permits .

  107. I am wondering what is going on with you since the hurricane, are you okay? Please give us an update, it’s time!
    Wishing you well, if you want prayer for anything, let me know.
    Your friend, Cliff

  108. Joe, thanks for the update, I was a bit afraid that the hurricane had something to do with the lack of updates. I for one am going to watch for the new stuff this weekend!

    Remember what I said about knees. Ive had both of mine replaced and they surpass the “youth” of thinking I am 18 in a 62 year old body. Until I had them replaced, I had not been able to run since 1990 and now I can do that again. My border collie who likes to race me (she wins every time) was totally surprised when instead of limping fast, I ran and kept up with her for a time! Only problem I see with you is the down time for the business because it does take some rehab and lots of pain. Not pain as in bone pain or the old pain that you are probably having, but surgery pain which is of course, not the same pain as pain in the knees. But I heartily recommend the replacements because that WILL give you a new lease on life and maybe cure some other pains that are caused by bad knees. You might not even associate the other pains with knees and limping even slightly, but after surgery, when those fail to come back you will smile and say ‘Thank you, Papa!” to our Lord for surgery, His common grace!

    If you look at knee replacement on the web, you will see it ain’t our daddy’s knee replacement, it is far less invasive and there are bits that, when worn out, can be replaced instead of having to have the entire knee replaced again. And the scar? BeBe will love the scars! “What a man,” she will say when you go to the beach in your new Bermuda Shorts! Seriously don’t wait until you can’t stand it and are thinking, “I would cry if it would help!” Find a orthopedic surgeon who specializes in that one thing and forget bedside manner, look for one who does it over and over again, who knows the drill and doesn’t get sued much! Look for a sports medicine clinic with a good reputation. And perhaps you might be able to train someone to pour moulds, etc, while you can’t. After a few days you can go to the “Armory” to oversee things. Best of prayers for this, Brother Joe. Count on my word as good regarding the surgery. You know who my BOSS is.

  109. You have to get your front stabilized before you can move forward . You’re doing that . You are still getting pre move orders processed and in good time. You are getting new orders shipped as well.
    I think you will find once everything is comfortable, you will be operating much more quickly and your efficiency will meet your standards which are pretty high .
    No apologies needed. Sure we missed the updates but in my mind, getting settled and then getting production online was a higher priority .

    Thrilled to see the .50 cal stuff coming out. I hear an order in your future ..

  110. I agree with Cliff though my knees still need replacing my back has to come first. for those other who read this I am scheduled for my back fusion to be extended up 2-3 vertebrae Oct. 17th. I will be down for at least a month so nothing from me for some time to come. Joe knows this and Joe is working very hard to get what I have ready for you guys. Keep at it Joe. A side is try to find a good Tai Chi teacher, it has helped me with my knees tremendously and may help until anything more drastic is needed. I have been bone on bone for over twenty years now and though am having more trouble every year it has helped. God bless you all.

  111. Cliff Leverette

    Well Joe, thanks for the update and as you see, I’ve made a few purchases! Can’t wait until the mid October surprise! Please tell Karl that I am very impressed with his work. I also took a look around the website and I’m impressed with the ease of finding what I was looking for. All is good, Joe!
    Can’t wait till you are going back to Ft. Benning, I want to tag along. Also, you need to make as much use of that nice front porch on your new house, especially at night so you and BB can just sit back and listen to God’s night birds. (I have a front porch, its my favorite “room” of the house. I love to listen to the owls calling to each other as they fly around at night and to some of the other birds that make calls that you will NEVER hear in the day in the city. I think God made the birds first so he could enjoy their songs!
    Benning, OKAY? I can go any day now that I am retired.

    • Thanks, Cliff — will do on all. I’ll get back to you on Benning, but am hoping to go soon. I’ll send a private email as soon as I know when I’m going.

  112. Sorry to hear about the M3 issues.
    As for The rest,take care of B.B. and you. The rest will follow.

  113. Herve Charbonneau

    Hey Joe!

    Great looking stuff there. Guees I’m gonna have to get myself some.

    Don’t know if you ever got my last e-mail, but you must really convince Karl to make a correct MG mount for Tamiya’s M10 tank destroyer.


  114. Christopher C Tew

    Joe, I would not be interested in a training Lee, but I would like to build an initial desert Grant. I don’t know enough about the M3s to know what other mods fit with which vehicles where, so you’ll need to supply more info there. Maybe any updates appropriate for a North Africa US Lee and one of the Commonwealth Pacific Grant/Lee versions would be what I’d like to have.

    • Christopher,

      The first Grants delivered to the Brits in the desert would have used the bow plate with open MG holes and could have had the transmission housing I just released. At the very least, they would NOT have the recessed bolt holes — not at that point. It is up to you to decide whether or not you also want to add our corrected rear hull plate. The final drives would only be if you were REALLY trying to add a lot of extra details.

      Hope this helps.

      I’ll look at the other, later Grant features, especially since I do not believe TAKOM is going to make another Grant πŸ˜‰


  115. Joe, when I do a Lee, I would do one from Burma . Biggest thing is a Grant style commander’s hatch . Looks like from photos almost every door/no door configuration is possible.
    I think Takom will give us an idea where they are going once the M-31 is released . That may help your decisions on this series as well.

  116. Gerald Benneworth

    I usually build Axis armour but have been tempted into building the Takom Grant as a group build in our club. Unfortunately I’m unable to find any credible information about the kit so I have no idea which production model it is e.g. Early, mid etc, and equally I can’t find out if the kit is accurate for use by the British army in the desert. All of which means I cannot comment upon whether or not I’d buy any updates for it!
    Best wishes, Gerald

    • Gerald,

      Understand, and thank you. For what it’s worth, you CAN’T build a Grant from the kit — not as used by the Brits, anyway. The best you can do is build a Grant as it was delivered to the British.

      This is why I WILL be making a small ‘update’ set — at least for the Grant. It will let you build the Grant as the Brits used it in the war. (It will also help you build a ‘mid, or upgraded Lee).

      Watch for it in 2 weeks. I’ll be putting the Grant update out on Oct 27.


  117. Cliff Leverette

    Hey Joe, will you send me an email that I can reply to you privately? Gotta straighten out an address. Your stuff is going to the wrong address.
    Other than that, all is okay, Brother!

  118. Karl Van Sweden

    Working on it Herve though I am laid up after they extended my back fusion on the 17th.

  119. Dear joe
    Could you please specify which sets you plan to release for M3lee

    • I am going to make an ‘update’ so you can show a Grant as it typically fought (fishtail exhausts, air cleaners, add on armor for air cleaners, etc). This will also work to update the early Lee kit to show how many of the first Lees looked during operation Torch.

      After that, I am considering a Grant update for the CBI theater, and possibly a set to let you model a British Lee without having to buy two kits and cross kit.

      Why, do you have any requests?

  120. good for you looking for you in 2018

  121. Herve Charbonneau

    Excellent news Karl!
    No rush here. Just glad to know it’s in the plans… πŸ˜‰

  122. The 50 cal items released earlier are fantastically detailed! Very nice, for sure. Watch out, K59!

  123. I really like these, !! I’m especially interested in 35-1342 WW II .50 cal Cradle (Late) but it is not clear to me what is included? It says “Ammo tray not included”, is this the tray with the holes in the bottom that is attached to the cradle in some of the pictures for this set? If that is the case will the ammo tray be made available later because that is what I need for a post-war M4.

    • Marwin,

      Hang in there. I’m working to get pictures of ALL the new .50 cal items posted showing the contents and the build ups. I “might” also offer some limited combination sets, to help you guys save a bit of money.


  124. Can’t wait for the Quad .50 set. Well, I can but barely. πŸ˜‰

    I can vouch for the M2HB and the open M2 ammo can, really gorgeous.

  125. Jeez Karl, I do NOT envy you the back surgery . Take your time and recover.
    The Helmets are truly works of art as well. The Tanker’s helmet is a gem.
    In my wish world, I’d love to see a VN CVC helmet get the same treatment. For now though, I’m VERY pleased with these releases! I can vouch for them as I sit and look at them.
    Karl, take it slow and easy. Joe, go at your pace, it gets there when it gets there.

  126. Joe, when do you plan to re-release the M8 HMC Conversion?

  127. Karl Van Sweden

    Thanks Dave, and for the kind words. All of these were things I had always wanted to do and was finally able to figure out how.:-)
    God has really been with me through out all this. This is my second fusion and all went and is going great. I am way ahead of schedule in the recovery process thanks to the old fusion holding up so well.
    I will look into the other helmet as well as some others after I finish up some long awaited interior parts and other hulls.

  128. Karl Van Sweden

    I have an update too.
    First off thanks to everyone for the kind words and inspiring ideas. I am doing great and way ahead of schedule in the recovery process. I am back on the bench but limited to no more than an hour at a time with rest and exercise in between.
    I am trying to finish up some upper hulls and an interior or two at this time but will keep all the ideas you guys send me written down and added to my to do list.

  129. Karl, the single most important thing you can do is get your body repaired and everything else will slip into place . Thanks for your efforts, I know it is not easy to do.

    Joe, sometimes our machines simply don’t worry about what need to be happening. Good you have that back up;hopefully not too much of a set back
    Anyway, the important thing is keeping yourself sane and the business percolating. Looking forward to all the new stuff and a lot of the older releases as well.

  130. Karl Van Sweden

    Thanks Dave, will do.

  131. Happy birthday bro. I hoe BB is over that flu by now. That bug is tough on anyone.

  132. Your priorities are correct. Health first, yours and hers . THEN you can get to the rest of it .
    Getting one’s work space always seems to be a never ending process doesn’t it? Trying to do mine so I get more than bits and pieces done before I lose them .

    Looking forward to next week as well.

  133. Hey Joe, once again my order has gone to the old address. I just got back to my computer and email again only to see that three days ago my package was delivered to the old address in Jackson, Mississippi that I have asked you to change twice. I suspect Stamps is to blame. Please send the order again, I will call the old address and tell them to return to sender. I can’t keep driving to another town and the old place of employment to pick up packages.
    Cliff Leverette
    PO Box 792
    Madison MS 39130

    • Cliff,

      I have changed that address in stamps, and verified it???? I am going to totally delete your listing and re-enter your address. I’ll also get to work on replacing your order. You are correct: you should not have to fix my mistakes.

      Thanks for letting me know about this.


  134. Enjoy the vacation. You two are overdue for it . Sorry about the back,;that’s never much fun and having to stand makes it much worse .

    Kind of sorry to see the ammo tubes going,they’re great items for dios that some seem to not notice til they’re gone .
    At any rate, there’s a lot new to choose from now so the later arrivals should be timed just about right

  135. Sorry to hear that you are so run down and worn out feeling Joe; you are in my prayers for a speedy recovery and restful vacation.

  136. Cliff Leverette

    Joe, I am hoping you get healthy again soon, you will go on my prayer list. You’ve been having a time of it lately.

    I received your package in my new mailing address, thanks for clearing everything and starting over. It worked! The pieces are really well done, very nice! Hope to see some FAMO stuff soon, but only after you are WELL! Take care and may our Lord bless you richly. You are one of the few who takes the Christian faith so seriously. It is beautiful!

    Cliff, your brother along with Jesus. Carpentry is kind of like modeling, isn’t it. The Lord knows how much it means to us to create.

  137. Nothing to forgive. As nasty as that URI is ,it’s amazing you got this out . And, of course, had to order some . M151s need love too ;-).

    Anyway, take care of yourself ,keep on the mend and look forward to your time away .

  138. Cliff Leverette

    I’m with Dave, Joe! What he said, but I will say that the M151s is not on my agenda so leave that part out. Not disagreeing with Dave but I never would have thought about M151s if not for his comment. Dave, any friend of Joe’s is a friend of mine, so it is definitely okay with me for you to need to love some M151s.

    Meanwhile, there is the ghost of a Churchill interior that needs some love, too, but not right now, Joe. Get well, that is most important to me. Take care, Cliff

  139. Have a great time. We all need to unwind at times so have fun doing it.

  140. Go have you two time. Take your time with all of this . We all know you work your butt off and you need the break to recharge , relax and feel better .

    So, like Karl said everyone needs to unwind . This means you too .

    AND looking forward the 4 JAN !

  141. Just received my order from you (first ever order) and the stuff looks great! I’m grateful for your high quality work, talented design, and service. best of luck with your health!

  142. Go crazy relaxing. Hmmm, that doesn’t sound right, does it. Do it anyway! Remember, when you go somewhere that lets you relax, that if you think of moving there, your cares move with you and Relaxationland becomes Blahville. So don’t think of moving away!

  143. Florencio Lomague

    Would buy any parts for the M3 Lee tanks used by the US in Africa !!

  144. You know what? Nothin’ wrong with being a little lazy this week. Good to know you have found some good ideas too. Best of all, being BB’s boyfriend.
    So, do what you need to do, let the holiday guide you and let’s see what appears after 1/4/18.

  145. I am looking forward to the Allied releases in 2018. As always I am continually amazed at the quality of products produced by TMD!

  146. Okie dokie, something to wait for . No biggie, you have the decision to make and frankly most of us are still figuring out what we’re doing . So, the push back is logical . After all, you laid out the business reasons why , The fixes are intertwined so that’s a given .
    You’re getting your works in progress solidified and directed. So, pushing back three weeks is sound strategy .
    With luck I might have the Quad.50 ready before 2058 .

  147. Karl Van Sweden

    Am there and doing that myself Joe. I had to walk away from my bench for the last week after barely being there fro the weeks before. I just got tired of it and felt like selling everything and giving up on models. Does sound familiar doesn’t it. Ah well, like you I have grown over the years and know better than giving into that temptation. God help us both to get over this hump. Just keep the faith and it will work in the end.

  148. John Rosengrant

    Joe as one of your customers which sincerely loves the work you produce , just take it one day at a time and please keep on keeping on.
    As a fellow artist in a very intense business always remember to keep it fun , it’s the only thing that gets you through the tough times

    • Thanks, John.

      That means a lot. I appreciate all the support I get from you guys, but when it comes from people who have done the same thing I do (especially when I admire them and their work),… Well, it’s special. So thanks πŸ™‚

  149. There is no doubt in my mind that the modeling community as a whole really appreciates the quality of your products and the dedication you have to the hobby! I personally love your products and your down to earth manor (What you see is what you get)! Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to your next release (whenever that may come) because the wait (sort of like giving birth) will be well worth it. Happy casting!

  150. Cheers, my friend sounds like you got your hands full, wow!
    following a lot of sherman experts on fb got me motivated to do more daring scratch builds and conversions, so i hope soon to put another sherman product order, your products are excellent.


    Don Frandsen

  151. Joe, I say stick with the bags and the sharpies. Keeps production and shipping costs low . The product number should do the trick even with the terminally senile like me I figure if I get confused or excited, I can log on and look.

    Glad you all are faring well .It’s been “fun” experiencing 1989 again . Nothing like trying to airbrush acrylics in 26 F weather. Every day is a little more stability and strength and before we know it, the 26th will be here .

    Sounds like it is all about of track .

  152. Christopher C Tew

    Bags with Sharpie item #s is a good compromise for labeling and makes it easier to open, take out what’s needed, and re-close.

  153. Cliff Leverette

    Okay Joe, who is Pat so I can look at his facebook post of the Charlie boxes.
    And does Karl have a facebook page?

  154. Hi Joe:

    35-1360 is missing the door stops that prevented the engine doors from hitting the air cleaners. They were in the MWO.


    • Kurt,

      Thanks for the pointer.

      They’re there — but you have to add them yourself. There are 3 of them on a runner at the bottom of the rear hull plate (see picture). I had to do it this way to make the plate ‘universal.’ Otherwise, I need to make 4 rear plates. That is messy on my side in several ways (but still may be necessary if I get too many complaints).

  155. I read a post about Combat Boat 90, 35th Tiger # 6290″.
    Can you give more info.
    If available, I may wish to purchase one. When, where, cost U.S.

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t think I know anything about this? Are you sure you have the right company. Maybe you are looking for Tiger Productions, Jose Rodriguez’s company?

  156. Great stuff, I really like the intercom boxes, these come in handy for many US interiors!

  157. A wonderful set to use to reproduce Australian Matilda
    resin is soft and easy to cut clean

  158. a very simple set that will easily be use on my M4 105

  159. a simple conversion and easy to build to upgrade my M5a1

  160. an impressive kit with part so thin ! No needs to use photoetch,and faster to use… it will transform the Tamiya jeep in a wonderful piece

  161. I hope you all have a great time and that the truck’s trans is an easy fix. Hope to hear from you with some good news more often. A mess is easily fixed, the bridge to my house on my property was destroyed three weeks ago and is just about rebuilt but that 10th of a mile walk thru wet dead grass and mud and across a rickety plank foot bridge is getting old! Cliff

  162. So, is Karl still doing olive drab related bits?

  163. Well, this is great. Sprucing up MK Vs and Olive drab as well. Life is good

  164. Florencio Lomague

    Hope to see a set of track hangers for the turret ! RFM didn’t have them !

  165. Spare wheel mount for turret would be nice along with redoing all your excellent stuff for the tamiya ana dml panthers

    • Chris, I am W-A-Y ahead of you. I have 3 wheel mounts already finished, and am working on more Panther goodies. You’ll see pictures soon. πŸ™‚

  166. Good to know about the Panther pretties .. I imagine they’ll take them to the next level. Even better to hear about more Olive drab in the pipeline, too .

    Glad to hear the sale went well, hopefully it got you into at least the dark grey.
    I know it will all come, not in a hurry, and when it does , it’ll be great.

    Glad to hear all else is cracking along.


  167. Detlev Kaczmarek

    Real good !! that will give a kick even to older models

  168. These sound good, Joe. I still want to go to Benning with you to get current photos of the big cats to post on LandmarkScout. I’ve been promising them an article for a long time, I have lots of info on the Tiger B and its commander Otto BlasΓ© for them. If you take me along, I can get photos of you and post them as the premier maker of aftermarket Big Cat producer which will hopefully be a good ad for you.
    Also, please send the photo that I am about to send to you by regular email to Karl, it is a 50 Cal. mount that I have never seen made in plastic or resin. Also, I would love to see a Karl quality interior for the Tamiya M10, especially the site and the breech. That is one heck of a tank hunter but the breech of every one I have ever seen in plastic is lacking something…

  169. I’d rather have it right than have it rushed . None of this is a cure for cancer nor is it world peace. It’s hobby and you’re a one man band operation . Most, if not all, of us have enough in the queue to be able to wait awhile. There are enough items in your catalogue to keep us busy until you get your new products on line. There’s still a bunch you’ve already got that already address upgrades/corrections . It’ll all be worth waiting for when these things do appear.
    So. it’ll be mid May or early June, fine, wallet needed a short break .

    Keep on keeping on, Marine.

  170. Looks good the new conversion. It is posable to just get the mantel parts?
    I have a few(3) Dragon M4A3 Hvvs 105(6354) kits in which the mantel is incorrect
    I would love to build them. Do you do a correction set for this kit?

  171. Cliff Leverette

    Hey Joe, why not do a realistic fan set up for a Panther radiator or do the entire radiator with a separate fan. I’ve got Tank Workshop panther radiators and some Verlinden ones which fall short of what you can do.

  172. I’m trying to reorganize my bench and storage , It seems the further I go, the behinder I get .

    Getting there sometime before 2170 I hope

  173. Anyone not living on the Gulf Coast has no idea how bad the humidity can be. We got bumped on the periphery and it still made the house, let alone the garage feel damp. So 6-8 gallons of water pumped out of your shed seems about right ,might even be a low ball estimate.
    The humidity gets to the silicone , gets to paint , just takes a little too. Better to have the molds cure properly and the resin set and wait a little than have it damaged or even destroyed and start from scratch. No worries. waiting is a part of the hobby.

    Glad you all are okay

  174. Hi
    Purchased one. great detail. do you have assembly instructions?
    Will get a couple more

  175. Cliff Leverette

    Except for the news about Karl this is good news to me! So keep on keeping on, you are a friend to all of us and the only people who are not who buy from you are those who have not taken the time to get to know you, and probably other modelers. To have a friend, you have to be a friend, which you are. I appreciate all of the time I have known you, even the off periods which we can make up for after the Lord calls both of us home. I never got the time to go with you to Benning and see the Tigers for an article that has still not been written for Landmark Scout, but I enjoyed your enthusiasm when I talked to you and it was my fault with work and all, that the trip didn’t happen. I also enjoyed trying to get you to do some interior stuff for the AFV Club Churchill, and like a true artist, you did not do what you didn’t have interest in but it was all my joy in talking to you about it. All that is said because you are a true friend and the “no’s” go with the “yes’s” in a real friendship. I have enjoyed everthing I have bought from you, I still have kits not used YET and some bits from other kits I bought for what I could do with them in general, and not for the intended purpose. Shoot, I even found one interior kit stashed away with the plastic kit that it is intended for that is so old that the old packaging is on the box!

    About Karl, I won’t speculate about him but he has done some fantastic stuff, and I do hope that before he stops doing masters that he will attempt that odd (that is, not seen often in photos) 50 cal. machine gun mount for an antiaircraft infantry stand, the one that Tamiya did such a half way job on. If I need to send the photo again, let me know. But even if it is a no, I still respect Karls masterful work!

    Well, I could go on and on about what a brother-friend you are to me, but I am going to stop now and spend some quality time with my wife and my Border Collie Cait the wonder dog. Like you, they are both Gifts from Jesus!

  176. Okay, sounds great . You must make it work for you. That in turn works for us.
    So, sounds like you have a plan ,attainable goals and that’s the way it needs to go .
    I understand about both you and Karl ;this started as a hobby, became a business and now, slowly returning to the hobby part . I look forward to what’s coming and the old favorites .
    You’re doing the what has to be done.

  177. Good for you Joe. Knowing which fork in the road to take is more than half the battle. I haven’t bought much from you because I am a super slow builder but loved what I have bought. For what it’s worth, TMD is the only production company/seller that I have bookmarked. Looking forward to the panther and hopefully some tiger and sherman stuff. Good luck on whatever journey your path takes you.

  178. Can you let me know when they are categorized? Looking to upgrade my Hobbyboss VK1602 and I think these brackets will look bad ass. Will also be getting some other stuff as well.

  179. Cliff Herring

    Do you have a spare track hanger available like the one in this picture?

    • Yes. Just search for ‘panther track’ and you should get a listing of ALL the panther spare track hangers I make. If you search ‘panther,’ you will see the entire panther line.

  180. Cliff Herring

    I saw the hull mounted where it fixes to the top of the rear engine deck but not one like in this picture (seems like a late model G type).

  181. 35-1329 M4 Series 76 mm Gun Breech Assembly (TAS)


  182. Yes and no. The ones welded directly to the hull side like in the photo above.

  183. Joe, a warrior till the end, whatever that may be. With both a vision and passion, what could go wrong?

  184. Sounds great to me. man , you were lit up with the Bergepanther .
    Have fun with it ll, no big hurry , Good stuff takes time

  185. Karl VanSweden

    Should have them primed today if all goes well. Then its pictures and off they go.

  186. Many tiny parts for an 60 years old man but this update set is beautiful and looks great.

  187. I look forward to the website being updated. It’s a pain to search thru your products the way it is now. Thanks

  188. I found the 35-2006 I ordered from you. You can stop looking for my order.
    Thank You
    Brian Smith