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  1. A wonderful set to use to reproduce Australian Matilda
    resin is soft and easy to cut clean

  2. a very simple set that will easily be use on my M4 105

  3. a simple conversion and easy to build to upgrade my M5a1

  4. an impressive kit with part so thin ! No needs to use photoetch,and faster to use… it will transform the Tamiya jeep in a wonderful piece

  5. Looks good the new conversion. It is posable to just get the mantel parts?
    I have a few(3) Dragon M4A3 Hvvs 105(6354) kits in which the mantel is incorrect
    I would love to build them. Do you do a correction set for this kit?

  6. Hi
    Purchased one. great detail. do you have assembly instructions?
    Will get a couple more

  7. Cliff Herring

    Do you have a spare track hanger available like the one in this picture?

    • Yes. Just search for ‘panther track’ and you should get a listing of ALL the panther spare track hangers I make. If you search ‘panther,’ you will see the entire panther line.

  8. Cliff Herring

    I saw the hull mounted where it fixes to the top of the rear engine deck but not one like in this picture (seems like a late model G type).

  9. 35-1329 M4 Series 76 mm Gun Breech Assembly (TAS)


  10. Yes and no. The ones welded directly to the hull side like in the photo above.

  11. Many tiny parts for an 60 years old man but this update set is beautiful and looks great.

  12. I found the 35-2006 I ordered from you. You can stop looking for my order.
    Thank You
    Brian Smith

  13. I have looked at the Squadron Tank Destroyer Walk Around and this set and wanted to clarify some points.

    First, are the “hull mounts” in this set intended to fit into the “hull mounts” already on the model or to replace the ones molded on the model? I think its the former but I wanted to be sure.

    Second, I am not clear about the use of the rod for “stand off.” Is is supposed to fit into the set hull mounts and then fit into a hole drilled into the set bolt and washer? If so what length of the “stand off” rod do you recommend?

    • This set is designed to work with the Tamiya kit with as little additional work from the modeler as possible. The hull mounts fit directly into the kit holes. The rod is for those who wish to show the hold-downs as though they were not entirely tightened. If you look carefully, you will see war-time pictures where the outer washer is standing away from the weldmount. There is a space between the washer and the hull mount. This is because the rod had not been screwed all the way in. It will take a little work to do it, but those who wish to show this on their model can do so with our set, and we give you the rod so you do not have to buy anything extra. So you seem to understand just fine.

      The length of the rod can vary, but we do not recommend you make it any longer than 1-1/5 mm. The holes in the mounts were not much deeper than this in scale.

      I hope this helps — Joe πŸ™‚

  14. Hello Joe, does 35-1054 still have same components as 35-74451