35-1053 M5A1 Turret Hatch Super Detail Set (AFV)


M5A1 Super Detail Set for Turret Roof & Hatches (for AFV Club)

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M5A1 Turret Hatch Super Detail Set (for AFV Club)

A set of details to improve the AFV Club M5A1 turret.  Includes detailed and positional periscopes and mounts, hatch locks and pads.

Master by: Karl van Sweden

Scale: 1/35th

M5A1-Turret-Hatch-Super-Detail-Set-for-AFV-Club_4M5A1-Turret-Hatch-Super-Detail-Set-for-AFV-Club_2M5A1-Turret-Hatch-Super-Detail-Set-for-AFV-Club_1M5A1-Turret-Hatch-Super-Detail-Set-for-AFV-Club_3 35-74455


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