35-1055 M8 HMC Conversion (AFV)


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Temporarily Out of Production


M8 HMC Conversion (for AFV Club)

NOTE: This product is no longer in regular production.  This is a promotional sale.  When the 20 conversion kits listed here are gone, this item will go out of production!

Kit Features:

  • Complete turret assembly
  • Complete fighting compartment
  • Complete driver’s compartment
  • Complete load of ammunition (in packing tubes)
  • New upper hull and additionally needed external details
  • 2 TMD PE sheets
  • Lead foil, lead solder and plastic rod for detailing purposes
  • Simply put: the most detailed, most accurate conversion Karl has ever made!

Master by: Karl van Sweden

Scale: 1/35th

Old Item#: 35-74481

Download Instructions: 35-74481


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