35-1098 M4A3 Fisher Upper Hull, Large Hatch,Wet Storage, Early (ASU)



M4A3 Wet, Large Hatch, Early Upper Hull (FTA)

This hull replaces the upper hull in Tasca/Asuka kits 35-019 or 35-021, but can be made to work with other manufacturer’s kits — with some additional work. It has been designed to accept all TMD correction and/or detail sets.

Kit Features:

  • Accurate upper hull arrangement for 1944, 2nd quarter production
  • Added weld detail around MG mount; top of hull; filler welds either side of transmission housing and to side of hull
  • Accurate correct casting marks and foundry numbers
  • Added turret splash guard
  • Corrected tow cable hold-down positions
  • Made hull vent so it can be shown with or without the cover
  • Includes periscope assemblies and covers, as well as assorted generic hull fittings

Reference: “Son of Sherman,” page 185

Master by: Karl van Sweden

Scale: 1/35th

Old Item#: 35-75237


Additional information

Weight 4.0 oz

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