35-1113 M4 Series 75mm Turret Shell: Recycled (USC)


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M4 Series 75mm Turret Shell: Recycled (USC)

D50878 Series Turret

This item is designed to work with all TMD upper Sherman hulls, as well as all TASCA/ASUKA Sherman kits.  However, with a TMD adapter, and/or a little extra work, it can be made to work with any 1/35 Sherman kit.

Specifically designed for TASCA kit(s): 35-019


  • Correct, recycled configuration
  • Includes laminated cheek armor
  • Includes casting texture and casting marks/numbers
  • Includes loader’s hatch (welded in place)
  • Includes gunner’s periscope and mounting assemblies
  • Includes loader’s periscope and mounting assembly
  • Includes pistol port
  • Lower turret half included


Master by: Karl van Sweden

Scale: 1/35th

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Weight 2.5 oz

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