35-1117 M4 1-pc FDA Interior (TAS/ASU/TMD)


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M4 1-pc FDA Interior (TAS/ASU/TMD)

What Is It?

The internal pieces for your M4-series, 1-piece Final Drive Armor (FDA)

Why Do I Need It?

These details are missing from most plastic kits and can easily be seen through an open hatch.  This item will let you model these details.  Plus, if you want to build a diorama of a Sherman switching out its transmission, this item will definitely help you.

What Kit Does It Fit?

This item is designed to fit all TASCA/ASUKA and TMD (TAS/ASU) FDAs.

How Is It Different?

  • Provides interior structure of the 1-piece FDA housing
  • Includes transmission housing extension
  • Includes 2 ea of early and late brake band covers
  • Includes bolt strip for bottom of FDA/Hull mounting detail

What Were Your Reference(s): Hands-on experience with numerous actual vehicles and war-time manuals.

Who Made The Master: Karl van Sweden

What Scale Is It? 1/35

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