35-1138 M4 Series 76mm Mantlet w/ Dust Cover — Level (ASU)


M4 Series 76mm Mantlet w/ Dust Cover — Level (ASU)


76mm Mantlet with Canvas Dust Cover — Level (TAS-ASU)


This item allows you to add the canvas dust cover to the mantlet of your 76 mm Tasca/Asuka Sherman kit(s). It is designed for Tasca/Asuka kits 35-023 and 35-024, but can be added to other Tasca/Asuka 76 mm Sherman turrets, as well as all TMD 76 mm turret shells.

The masters were made from TAMIYA parts grafted onto TASCA/ASUKA parts. We DO NOT claim that it can be sued with any other manufacturer’s 76 mm Sherman, but this mantlet is cast in a way that should allow you to heat it in hot water and then form it to a Tamiya or Dragon turret shell. Even then, some additional work may be necessary to make it fit these other kits.

Kit Features:

  • Added canvas representation to mantlet face
  • Added new attachment points
  • Added new bolt heads and washer details to the bottom front mounting surface

Reference: Son of Sherman, pg.323

Master by: Karl van Sweden

Scale: 1/35th

Old Item#: 7645013


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Weight 0.5 oz

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