35-1189 M4 Series Early Radial Engine Exhaust Deflector


M4 Series Early Radial Engine Exhaust Deflector Assembly


Sherman Early Radial Engine Exhaust Deflector


Officially designated: “Muffler Door Assembly C100367A Group 0401,” this item is designed to add the early exhaust deflector to most any radial engine Sherman tanks. The masters were made to fit Tasca/Asuka kits: 35-022, 35-025 and 35-027. At the moment, we make no claims to compatibility with other manufacturers, but this item ‘should’ be able to be adapted to any radial engine Sherman kit.

Kit Features

  • Added cut-outs, raised lips and additional details such as the locking latch to the main deflector body
  • Made the control arms for both open and locked positions
  • Thinned out and added vane detail to inside of exhaust deflectors

Master by: Karl van Sweden

Scale: 1/35

Old Item#: 35-75226


Additional information

Weight 0.75 oz

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