35-1192 M7 Priest Radial Engine Sherman-Based SPG Exhaust Deflectors


M7 Priest Radial Engine Sherman-Based SPG Exhaust Deflector Assembly

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Radial Engine Sherman-Based SPG Exhaust Deflectors (M7 Priest)


Officially designated: “Muffler Door Assembly C100367A Group 0401,” this item is designed to add the early exhaust deflector to most any early radial engine Sherman-based SPG, such as the M7 Priest. This item can also be used for early M4’s and M4A1’s.

This item was designed to be as generic as possible, so that it can be used with any M7 Priest kit. We make no specific claims as to its suitabilit for tank kits, but the master was made from Tasca/Asuka parts and should fit those M4 and M4A1 kits as well as M4 and M4A1 kits by other manufacturers with little trouble.

Kit Features:

  • Added cut-outs, raised lips and additional details such as the locking latch to the main deflector body
  • Made the control arms for both open and locked positions
  • Thinned out and added vane detail to inside of exhaust deflectors

Master by: Karl van Sweden

Scale: 1/35th

Old Item#: 35-78302


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