35-1289 M6 Detailed Periscope and Mount Set


M6 Detailed Periscope and Mount Set

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M6 Detailed Periscope and Mount Set

Designed to fit:  Any Dragon, AFV CLUB, TASCA or ASUKA U.S. AFV that used the M6 vision block, like the M4 Sherman, M10, M36, etc.

Can be made to work with any model of a U.S. vehicle, but may need additional work.

Kit Features:

  • 6 clear M6 periscopes in mounts
  • 4 sets of mounting gear for 360 degree vision mounts
  • 4 sets of covers for these mounts, in 4 different patterns
  • 2 sets of gunners sigh mounts
  • 4 periscope guards
  • enough for at least 2 vehicles

Reference(s): Visual History:

Mastered by: Karl van Sweden

Scale: 1/35th

Additional information

Weight 1.0 oz

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