35-1380 M4A3 Rear Deck Stowage Set (GB #1)


Drop-on stowage details for your M4A3 based kits


35-1380 M4A3 Rear Deck Stowage Set (GB #1)

A detailed stowage set to dress up the back deck of your M4A3 Sherman.

This set should work on any M4A3-based upper hull with a rear storage shelf.

[NOTE: This item might fit a LH M4 and any M4A2 upper hull, as both have the sloped rear hull plate, but we haven’t tried to fit this item to any of these kits as of the time of release.]

Kit Features:

  • Stowage items accurate to time and vehicle
  • Convincing tarp sculpting
  • Crisp castings with deep undercutting for added realism
  • Multi-piece castings for added definition and realism

Reference(s): Original design using period photographs as guides

Mastered by: Gunnar Baumer

Scale: 1/35

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