35-2056 Matilda — Australian Update (TAM)


Matilda — Australian Update (TAM)

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Matilda — Australian Update (TAM)

Designed to fit:  Tamiya kit 35300 1/35 Matilda

Made to fit the Tamiya Matilda, kit 35300

Kit Features:

  • TMD  Mk III/IV/V Side skirts 35-2045
  • TMD mud chutes and return skids
  • TMD very late nose armor 35-2021
  • TMD stowage locker doors w/casting marks 35-2023
  • 2 X TMD Desert/PTO 2 gal POL Panniers 35-2050
  • TMD Australian armored MG ammo boxes w/mounts 35-2052
  • TMD Australian ‘grunt box’ 35-2054
  • TMD Matilda turret ring armor (welded) 35-2055

Reference(s): Multiple sources (see individual product listings for details)

Note: This is a basic conversion.  The demo model in the pictures includes additional detail items not included in this kit.  This is meant to be an economical way to build a basic Australian Matilda.  Many Australian Matildas showed other features, a majority of which we offer as separate items.  You may want to search ‘Matilda’ or ‘Australian’ to find additional items for your build.

Mastered by: Mike Sills & Karl van Sweden

Scale: 1/35th

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