35-3015 KV Series Early Welded Turret Shell (L-11 Gun) (TRU)


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KV Series Early Welded Turret Shell (L-11 Gun)

This is a direct replacement for the TRUMPETER kit parts. This item includes all of the key pieces necessary to build an early welded KV I turret. (You may need to use some smaller pieces from you TRUMPETER donor kit).


  • Correct, ‘clean’ roof configuration
  • Correct, beveled edges
  • All weld detail reflects the ‘clean’ appearance typical of the early KV series
  • Improved screw details around sighting periscopes
  • Includes the correct early L-11 gun mantlet
  • Includes the correct early L-11 gun mount
  • Includes periscope covers without flanges, without weld detail
  • Early rear turret MG mount cast in
  • Removes the raised bolt and AA MG mounting detail from the turret hatch ring

Reference: Neil Stokes ‘Big Red Book’ on the KV Technical History and Variants, pg. 182

Master by: Joe Bakanovic

Scale: 1/35th

Old Item#: 6715-803


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Weight 4.0 oz

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