35-3023 Matilda Mk.IV Russian Update (TAM)



Matilda Mk.IV Russian Update (for Tamiya)

This kit backdates the Tamiya Matilda (kit #35300) to the Mk.IV variant. We have dubbed it a “Russian” conversion as it most closely represents the vehicles given to Russia.

Kit Features:

  • Front hull casting for later Matilda.
  • Storage locker armor w/cast in square plates as many Russian Matildas were rebuilds and could be found with this casting.
  • Left/Right side skirts redesigned to reflect the style found on the later Mk III/Mk IV Matildas and without the remnant roller mounting screw positions that should be missing due to the use of return skids.
  • New track/suspension covers.
  • Later round pistol port assy on right rear of turret.
  • Solid storage locker covers w/o casting marks.
  • Replacement fuel tank mounts.
  • Optional rear hull section for vehicles w/o the external fuel tank.

Master by: Mike Sills

Scale: 1/35th

Old Item#: 35-65801

Download instructions: 35-65801


Additional information

Weight 6.0 oz

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