35-5042 Tiger I Rye Field Model 5001 General Correction Set


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Tiger I Rye Field Model 5001 General Correction Set


This set either corrects or provides some missing parts to update the Rye Field Model’s 5001 DAK Tiger I kit.


  • Shortened barrel section to correct length
  • Corrected smoke grenade launchers mounting brackets with additional details
  • Adds detailed rear hull tool box with correct angled mounting brackets
  • Replacement parts for exhausts and flappers
  • Adds bolt heads for the headlight mounting plates on the upper hull
  • Engine door handles closer to scale diameter

Reference: Dave Coyne’s build-blog on Track-Link and David Byrden’s comments on Tiger1.info

Master by: Joe Bakanovic

Scale: 1/35th

Old Item#: 35-16396


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