35-5047 Tiger I Tow Cable Mounts and Early Gun Tube Cleaning Rods


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Tiger I Tow Cable Mounts and Early Gun Tube Cleaning Rods

This set is designed to either correct or improve the tow cable and gun cleaning rod mounting hardware on any 1/35 Tiger I kit.

This item will also allow you to build any of the first 20 DAK Tiger Is from the RFM 5001 kit.


  • Accurate mounting hardware for the Tiger I tow cables w/weld detail
  • Accurate gun cleaning rod mounting hardware w/weld detail
  • Early gun cleaning rods
  • Standard Tiger I tow cable eyes
  • Smaller tow cable eyes as seen on some DAK Tiger Is

NOTE: modeler will have to provide his own cable or thread to represent the cables.


There are many possible arrangements using these parts. They are intended for the modeler who has his own references to show where and how they were placed depending on when a particular Tiger I was constructed.

For a general reference, consult MMiR’s Modeling the Tiger Tank or Achtung Panzer #6

Master by: Joe Bakanovic

Scale: 1/35th

Old Item#: 35-16397


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