35-5105 Panzer III Ausf. C Engine Update (MA)



Pzr III C Engine Deck Update (MA)


  • Correct Engine door vents
  • Correct vents on either side of engine door
  • Correct vents at rear of engine deck
  • Detailed inside of engine doors
  • Scribed fan access doors missing on MiniArt kit parts
  • Corrected grill details on air intake housings
  • Added deck lift/tie-downs and engine door locks

Reference: Panzer Tracts, David Nickles’ build

NOTE: I do not consider this to be a “correction” because we do not have enough information to know whether or not the dimensions in our Pzr III C engine deck are correct. We used the best data available at the time, as well as consulted with Tom Cockle. Then we took our ‘best guess’ while still working to make sure our engine deck fits the MiniArt kit. Therefore, at best, this item is an “update” as it is closer to representing the actual appearance of the real tank than the parts that come in your MiniArt kit.

Master by: Joe Bakanovic

Scale: 1/35th

Old Item#: 1634-802


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Weight 2.0 oz

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