35-5114 Sd.Kfz.6 Corrected Cab Assembly (BRO)


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Sd.Kfz.6 Corrected Cab Assembly (BRO)

Because Terry said so

This is the second product in a new series we like to call the “Because Terry said so” series. To put it simply, when our friend, Terry Ashley at the Perth Military Modeling Site, writes a review of a kit in which he suggests a kit part needs to be corrected — such as here — we are going to try to provide you with that correction — ‘because Terry said so.’

This item corrects a small mistae in the Bronco kit, first mentioned by Terry here. But then we went the extra mile and made it so you can position the front wheels of your model — something the original kit parts do not allow.

Designed for kit(s):

This item directly replaces the kit parts in Bronco Kit(s) 35038, 35041 and 35043

Kit Features:

  • Corrects the ‘S’ shape in the original cab sides
  • Corrects the dimension errors in the original kit instrument and dash panels
  • Provides new windshield and clear resin window panes
  • Enhances the shape of the ‘hump’ on the cab floor where the shift and brake levers are mounted
  • Corrects several small errors in the gas, brake and clutch pedals

Master by: Joe Bakanovic

Scale: 1/35th

Old Item#: 1365-001


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Weight 2.0 oz

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