35-5128 Hull-Mounted Spare Track & Hangers w/Road Wheel for Panther G (Left)


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Hull-Mounted Spare Track & Hangers w/Road Wheel for Panther G (Left)

A super-detail set designed to add greater scale detail to your kit while working with most kit or aftermarket track links.

This set is designed to be universal.  It should work on any 1/35 Panther Ausf. G kit.

NOTE: this is for the LEFT SIDE ONLY!  If you want to show spare road wheels on both sides of your kit, you want TMD item 53-5130.

Kit Features:

  • More true-to-scale thickness hangers
  • Designed to work with most kit and aftermarket track links
  • Includes hanger brackets for Panther Ausf G
  • Includes eyelet details
  • Includes retainer pins w/4 cm of extra fine chain
  • Includes 6 spare track links, 2 more links than where usually mounted
  • 2 spare links have the track pin cast in
  • Hanger can an be positioned off the side of the hull — same as the real tank
  • Replaces rear track hangers with field-added studs
  • Includes spare road wheel with mounting lugs/nuts

Reference(s): Hypothetical?

Mastered by: Joe Bakanovic

Scale: 1/35

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