35-5143 Panther Jerry Cans and Empty Racks (Type 1)


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Panther Jerry Cans and Empty Racks (Type 1)

One of many mounting styles seen on the rear hull of Panthers and Jagdpanthers.  These cans mounted between the rear storage boxes and the exhaust pipes.

This set is designed to be universal.  It should work on any 1/35 Panther kit.

Kit Features:

  • Accurate, late-war pattern POL can
  • Mounting frames made to period pictures
  • Mounting bolts and weldmonts cast in
  • Frames can be assembled without Jerry Cans
  • Handles for Jerry cans included

Reference(s): Generic designed based on multiple war-time photographs

Mastered by: Joe Bakanovic

Scale: 1/35

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