35-5146 Panther Rear Deck-Mounted Un-ditching Beam w/Brackets (Rectangular)


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Panther Rear Deck-Mounted Un-ditching Beam w/Brackets (Rectangular)

This is a simple add-on detail item.  It represents a large, rectangular wooden beam with mounting brackets.

This set is designed to be universal.  It should work on any 1/35 Panther kit.

Kit Features:

  • Mounting brackets w/weld detail
  • Brackets can be trimmed to desired height
  • Resin cast of ‘wood’ beam w/wood grain detail
  • Easily modified to fit specific war-time photographs

Reference(s): Generic designed based on multiple war-time photographs

NOTE: I do not see the bar across the top of the rear brackets in any of the pictures I’ve seen.  I may be wrong.  There might  be other pictures that do show such a bar.  If so, it is easily added using plastic scrap.  This item is just how I interpret the pictures I used, and even then, it is meant to be generic.

Mastered by: Joe Bakanovic

Scale: 1/35

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