35-5188 MG 34 Twin Spare Barrel Case (w/separate mounting brackets)


Super-detail item.


Description:  MG 34 Twin Spare Barrel Case (w/separate mounting brackets)

Purpose:  This item is designed to show an empty mounting bracket and removed MG 38 spare barrel container.  It is intended to be a direct replacement for kit your parts, or a detailed addition to any kit that may be missing this item.

Fits: Universal — first all kits.


  • Includes two super-detailed containers
  • One container with and one without the carry strap
  • Shows detailed mounting brackets
  • Mounting brackets depict a common design
  • Includes the leather pads so often missing from similar products
  • Leather pads include the rivet details
  • Includes 2 clamping handles
  • Clamping handles contain rivet details
  • Can be shown with clasp in open position

Reference(s): Numerous war-time pictures and existing museum pieces.

Mastered by: Joe Bakanovic

Scale: 1/35


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