35-7114 T-29 T-30/34 Turret Details (TAK)


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T-Series Turret Details (TAK)

Designed to replace and/or enhance the Takom T29/T30/T34 series of kit parts.

Kit Features:

  • Replacement .50 cal and barrel mounting gear fro rear of turret
  • Barrel stays are now shown on the inside edge of the mounts (like they are on the actual vehicles)
  • Replaces the loader’s hatch catches
  • Replaces the .50 cal pedestal (can now be shown collapsed)
  • Replaces .50 cal barrel stay (can now be shown collapsed)
  • Replaces TC’s sighting vane
  • Replaces track jacks and mounts
  • Replaces turret lifting eyes (new eyes have casting numbers and weld detail)
  • Lip added to tarp rack


Mastered by: Joe Bakanovic

Scale: 1/35th

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